Top 5 Pisces Soulmate Zodiac Signs

The last zodiac sign on the list, Pisces (born between 19th February to 20th March), is symbolized by two swimming fishes. The ruler of this water sign zodiac is Jupiter and it is considered to be the most thrilling sign as it is emotional by nature and mutable. Pisces individuals are very caring and generous. They very well know how to treat everyone to make them feel comfortable and at home. Again, Pisces are similar to martyrs as they give priority to other individuals before they think of themselves. Hence, they need to think and understand their importance and become a little selfish to reclaim their sense of control. They need to work on setting boundaries to protect their heart from getting hurt and invite pleasure to their lives.

Who Should Pisces Marry?

So, according to you, who is Pisces soulmate? Pisces are very romantic and overly optimistic. Hence, they need a soulmate who would help them grow and mature. Let’s today discuss the soulmates of the Pisces zodiac in brief.

Pisces Soulmate Zodiac Signs

#1 Virgo

Both Virgo and Pisces are mutable zodiacs. Virgo adds some dynamism to the relationship which the Pisces need dreadfully. Virgo can teach self-control and organization to the Pisces as they are free spirits and impulsive by nature. Virgo natives help them in structuring their lives. Again, the best part is that all these wouldn’t make them feel suffocated. At times, Pisces natives might get baffled in their own way, but with the help of the Virgo natives, they would get in touch with their practical side and they would also be able to learn from the ideas and thoughts of each other as well.

#2 Cancer

The next zodiac sign on the list of Pisces soulmate is Cancer. Cancerians have a strong and pleasant connection with Pisces. Both are water signs hence; they understand each other emotionally very well. When with Cancerians, Pisces natives feel comfortable and homely. In this bond, Cancer natives encourage the Pieces to be appreciated, creative, and imaginative for what they are and their talent. Cancers are the best cheerleaders for the Pisces as Pisces add positive energy to the dream world of the Cancers. This makes their relationship comfortable and adds some easiness so that they feel at liberty and homely.

#3 Scorpio

Pisces and Scorpio have a deep and magnetically passionate connection with each other. This Pisces soulmate sign has an amazing attraction or chemistry which might lead other couples to feel jealous. They would always be willing to become one and merge as the connection is filled with desire and love. Scorpio helps Pisces in becoming honest with their relationship and gives them the strength to face any obstacle in the world. It’s the Scorpio natives who help the Pisces in boosting their confidence and improve their self-esteem sense.

#4 Taurus

Pisces can learn the technique of prioritizing from Taurus very well. They also learn how to look after themselves in a better way from Taurus natives. Taurus natives can very intelligently fuel the mind, desire, and creativity of the Pisces for enlightening their craft. Hence, with the help of this connection, a fearless partner is sure to arise. In return, the Pisces need to reveal their loyalty towards Taurus natives so that their relationship sails smoothly. Pisces and Taurus form a sectile relationship. Their relationship forms a well-blended bond between water and earth which leaves no space for mutual understanding, learning, and growth.

#5 Sagittarius

The next Pisces soul mate is Sagittarius. The bond they form is either love at first sight or completely toxic. Jupiter is the ruler of both the signs and they are mutable as well. Hence, they have required expansion energy among each other. Sagittarius natives help Pisces in performing above their boundaries and teach them new philosophies that make their relationship stronger. Their relationship gains strength by developing faith and learning with each other. They both would form a bond that is full of passion, communication, and adventure.

Hence, above were some passionate Pisces soulmates who actually form a strong and reliable relationship with Pisces that would last long.

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