Scorpio Man Traits – What Body Type Does a Scorpio Man Like ?

When talking about a Scorpio man, he is sure to capture your sight as he is mysterious, attractive, intelligent, and charming as well. But do you know what a Scorpio male is attracted to? Are there certain physical traits that would catch the eyes of a Scorpio man?

Well, there is surely an ideal type a Scorpio male would get attracted to. But one should also understand that every male is different and a Scorpio male is also counted in it. When talking about physical appearance, every Scorpio man would get attracted to something different. Yet there are some traits that can help you get the heart and eyes of a Scorpio man. As Scorpio males are capable and strong, they would look for a woman who is self-dependent, confident, and full of drive. But what else can help you get a Scorpio male as your soulmate?

Through this piece of information, we shall learn about Scorpio man traits which would help you learn about the body type a Scorpio man looks for.

What attracts the Scorpio man?

What a Scorpio man likes about a woman generally varies from one individual to another, yet here are some traits that might help you understand what kind of body type a Scorpio man like.

Scorpio Man Traits


Body Type

There are certain body types Scorpio man would surely get attracted to. They love to be with women with curvy bodies. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to be with women who are athletic or thin. If you are well-dressed and can carry your outfit with confidence, they can surely fall for you. Scorpio man can be selective about certain things, but overall, they love to be with women. If you are having feminine air, he wouldn’t consider your physical appearance, size, or shape. He would rather focus on how a woman carries and presents herself. Confidence is the most important thing he would search for in a woman.

Charisma and Class

This is the next thing a Scorpio man ideal woman should possess. She needs to be confident and should take an effort in maintaining herself. A Scorpio man wouldn’t look for a trophy like woman but one who would support him and stand by his side during hard times. Rather than focusing on her looks, he would concentrate on how she makes him feel when together. So, even if you aren’t attractive, but are confident, focused in your life, classy, and carry a particular charisma, he would surely fall for you. Instead of looking attractive, invest in some personal growth and development for having a Scorpio man beside you.

Amazing dressing sense

The kind of dressing sense you carry also has an impact on Scorpio men. If you are carrying high heels with some attractive and slinky dress, you can surely have his eyes on you. On the other hand, some Scorpio men also prefer high heels with jeans. Hence, according to them, a woman needs to look classy and Physically attractive at the same time. He would love to be with a woman who is a mystery and doesn’t reveal her body parts too much. Scorpio men are intellectual and prefer to be with a woman who would excite their imagination and stimulate their minds. The more you leave him in your imagination, the more you shall drag him towards yourself.

Physical appeal

Scorpio looks for Physical appeal. He would love to be with a woman with the intense physical appeal. You don’t need to be vulgar for this, but bold. If you are in love with him, don’t be shy but let him know about it. Wearing skinny jeans and flawing the hips while walking, flashing a Physically attractive smirk, etc. is surely what he would wish his soulmate to do. Again, Scorpio men love perfume, especially musky and floral scents. However, make sure you don’t overuse perfumes as they should be seductive and not irritating.

Body language

When talking about the Scorpio soulmate, body language is equally important. Scorpio men are amazing readers. This is one of the different ways he would use to learn how different people think and feel about him. While flirting with a Scorpio man, make sure you use body language. It should be seductive, open, and warm. While talking to him, don’t forget to lean close to him. Having a confident body language, walking style, smiling style, etc. would surely be considered by the Scorpio men when he is looking for his soulmate.

Lastly, Scorpio men would look for caring and kind women. They would look for women who are intelligent, and truly cares about the health and happiness of their partners. Hence, even if you are not attractive, your nature would be important for a Scorpio man.

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