Best Astrology Remedies to Improve Your Financial Status

It is generally said and trusted that money is the key factor for our survival. Yes, it is true. Especially, when we consider our financial status after COVID-19, it is not only for us but also the entire world has a huge downfall. To recover the condition, it might take years together. But, when we speak individually, it depends on the person’s interest in making changes in his lifestyle. However, we should remember a point that to hold back one’s good financial status, other factors are also considered to sustain it. Most people have a staunch belief to improve their financial status by doing certain astrological remedies. It is advisable, admirable, and producing real effects.

astrological financial remedies

Here, we see effective astrological remedies for financial problems.

First of all, check your horoscope when you are in financial crunches and find out the actual reasons behind your situation. Find out the best solution to fix the issue. Still, you are unable to raise your financial condition to a good level, then follow some of the best astrology remedies for money to improve your condition financially. Nowadays, such remedies are very handy.

Here provided some of the remedies to improve your financial status, but do not forget that your hard work only will support you to attain success with the help of financial astrology remedies.

  • The planet Saturn influences financial crunches and other money-related issues. So, please the Saturn by reciting his shlokas that will help you to keep your financial problems at bay.
  • Place a portrait of Goddess Lakshmi at your home. Offer heartfelt prayers at least twice a day to her and offer her regular prayers to please the goddess so that she will keep you always wealthy.
  • Keep a Tulsi plant at home, light a ghee-filled mud lamp daily. Goddess Lakshmi will be pleased by your Pooja and shower you with an abundance of prosperity.
  • By offering water to Lord Vishnu every Friday, Goddess Lakshmi will be pleased abundantly.
  • Place the Kuber Yantra on a red cloth at your Pooja room and worship him daily to be showered with his blessings.
  • Always position your money locker in the South or South-West corner at home or at the workplace. Generally, North is the direction of Lord Kuber. While opening the locker door towards the north direction confirms Lord Kuber will keep on showering prosperity on you continuously.
  • Treat every woman with the highest regard that will fetch you the blessing of Lord Lakshmi
  • Donate while colored items to get blessings of the Goddess Lakshmi
  • Throw away any broken vessels in the house
  • Apply saffron tilak on the forehead every day after bath to please the lord
  • Every Wednesday try to feed cows with green grass
  • Feed Rice pudding to three unmarried girls. Every Friday offer them yellow clothes with some cash. It will please the Goddess and she will certainly favor your wealth.

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Besides the above remedies, some of the Astrological remedies for financial problems are detailed here. Read it carefully and do them accordingly.

To please Goddess Lakshmi, start your prayers by Friday and continue it every Friday. Light 9 pure Ghee lamps at your home, workplace twice a day. Recite “Shree Shuktam mantra” 16 times. Try to donate a part of your income to the poor, needy people.

Start this ritual from Diwali day. Do not wear slippers and visit a temple barefoot. Then light ghee lamp with strong incense in front of the idol. Offer sweet to the Goddess and pray her finally with a pure heart to obtain her mountainous blessings.

To improve your business, the best astrology tips for money is to cut five lemons and have some black pepper, yellow mustard seeds together. Now, keep them at your office. Perform this ritual on a Sunday. The next day threw them and reach home without looking back.

Choose clean 5 roses and white cloth of one meter. Tie each rose at each corner of the cloth and keep the last rose in the centre of the cloth. Throw them in Ganga water that will help in removing all your debts. These are considered to be free astrological remedies for financial problems because you need not spend a single paisa to perform.

When you research astrological remedies for financial problems your horoscope speaks out well.

  • When the moon resides in the 2nd house, it will support you get all your lost money. You can also earn more when the 10th and 11th lords are in a good combination.
  • Your 8th house represents your personal gains and it shows out your hereditary property, donations, and legacies.
  • Saturn & Mercury should aspect Venus, Venus & Saturn should aspect Mercury, Moon, Venus, and Saturn aspect Mars in Scorpio and Aries.

On the whole, along with your hard work, performing certain astrological remedies helps in improving your financial status. Yes, all remedies are effective when it is applied in the right place.

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