6 Shaligram Stone Benefits – Saligram Sila Power and Bracelet

Shaligram is one of the holy and divine stones admired by the Hindus, particularly by the people who belong to the Vaishnav and Sanatan Dharma. According to various Hindu scriptures, worshipping the Saligram Sila has various benefits.

Shaligram is not a stone but the manifestation of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme preserver. According to the holy scriptures, Shaligram is the Jagrut or awakened or Sakshat Swaroop of Lord Vishnu and hence, doesn’t need any kind of invocation, popularly known as Pran Pratishtha. Once you place the Shaligram in your puja house, you need to worship it and offer prayers to it daily. By doing this, you shall gain positivity, prosperity, and peace in your house and life.

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What is the Shaligram Stone? What are its Benefits?

Shaligram Stone

Shree Saligramam stones are sacrosanct black stones. The stone is available from River Gandaki, near the Muktinath area in Nepal. Just as Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of a Shiv Lingam, Shaligram is worshipped as the aniconic of Lord Vishnu. On seeing the stone properly, one would find certain marks on the stone, which are completely naturally designed. However, according to the scriptures, the marks resemble the Sudarshan Chakra, the discus or aastra of Lord Vishnu. The only way of obtaining a Shaligram stone is through River Gandaki, and it can never be created or formed by any human being.

According to the mythologies, Gandaki was a lady devotee of Lord Vishnu. She performed penance and worshipped Lord Vishnu for years. Lord Vishnu granted her a boon, due to which he had to reside in her womb as her progeny. Hence, the Shaligrams are obtained only from River Gandaki. When you receive any Shaligram stone, you don’t need to consecrate or clean it as it is naturally clean and contains the Vibhuti of the Godhead over it. Hence, it can be worshipped straight without any cleaning process.

Shaligram Benefits:

For a Vaishnav or a devotee of Lord Vishnu, no other material or article can be as sacred as a Shaligram stone. It helps with different benefits like health benefits, astrological, mystic, spiritual, and many more. Here is the list of Shaligram stone benefits.

  • Shaligrama is a deity and is worshipped as a form of Lord Vishnu, and hence, worshipping this Sila would help you clean your soul from any sins performed in this incarnation or the previous one.
  • As per various Puranas, performing Shaligram puja daily would help with benefits like material comforts, good health, success in every happening, long life, and much more.
  • Keeping a Shaligram stone at home and worshipping it daily would help with benefits like calmness and peace. It also promotes precision of thought.
  • Worshipping Shaligram with complete dedication would help in achieving bravery and confidence. It also protects the worshipper from harmful negative energies and evil eyes.
  • Devotees worshipping Shaligram daily would be blessed with success, money, health, good soulmate, children, etc.
  • As per the Padma Purana, Shaligram stone power can also break the sequence of life and death for achieving Moksha or Vaikuntha. It eliminates all the obstacles and fulfills every wish of the devotee.

Apart from all these, it is also said that drinking the water used for bathing the Shaligram Stone would help in getting relief from various afflictions and diseases. Again, giving water to a person who is dying would help him/her die peacefully and obtain Moksha as the soul becomes free from any sins of the current or previous life.

What are the Bad Effects of the Stone?

Shaligram is a mysterious stone that contains magical powers. The stone is used in various ceremonies and rituals across India. And hence, it is clear that there are no bad effects or negative effects of having the stone with you. However, there are certain things you need to understand if you are having a Shaligram stone at your house.

Here are some things you need to look after while worshipping or keeping Shaligram at home.

  • It should be kept in mind that one can worship an even number of Shaligram stones, but they should not be only 2.
  • An odd number of Shaligrams shouldn’t be worshipped, but worshipping one is the best.
  • Worshipping 12 Shaligram stones daily with complete dedication would increase your merits and reduce your sins.
  • Even if the Shaligram stone is damaged or broken, it is still pious and can be worshipped as before.
  • People also wear Shaligram stone bracelets to feel secure and energized for their professional and personal life.
  • The water that touches Shaligram becomes Amrit, and hence, the water after bathing the Shaligram stone shouldn’t be thrown. You can drink it for obtaining relief from various physical issues for a healthy life.

Hence, Shaligram is a stone that can be worshipped by anyone for achieving success and prosperity in life.

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