Is Aquarius a Water Sign? – Aquarius Air or Water?

Aquarius is the eleventh and penultimate sign in the zodiac signs. Furthermore, it is one of the most rebellious, creative as well as compassionate out of all the zodiac signs that are there. Although this zodiac sign displays the revolutionary side, there is also a sensitive, affectionate, and loving that is present in the people with this zodiac sign. Many questions have been raised where it was asked ‘is Aquarius a water sign’ and the answer to the question is that yes, Aquarius is a water sign.

Is Aquarius a water sign?

If you are wondering ‘is Aquarius air or water’, then the answer to the question is that Aquarius is a water sign and not an air sign. There has been a common conception that an Aquarius sign is a water sign because the word ‘aqua’ usually means ‘water’. On the contrary, it has been established that the Aquarius sign is an air sign. It is one of the final air signs that majorly deals with the ideas that are air related from a macro-perspective.

The three sole signs of the air are termed to be Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. The epitome of strength of the air signs is the power to process connections, ideas, and such. Moreover, people who are Aquarius have this unending zeal of discovering new things as well as locations. Besides this, they also like socializing with people and establishing new connections. The most important thing that matters to Aquarius is that they value friendship a lot. In simple terms, it can be said that the answer is yes to the question of ‘Is an Aquarius a water sign’.

Is Aquarius a Water Sign

Personality traits of an Aquarius

Out of all the personality traits of an Aquarius, a few of them are jotted and discussed below thoroughly:-


One thing about this zodiac sign is that they have a sense of an innovative approach to doing tasks. Their innovative approach is also reflected in the way they dress up and the hairstyle that they do as they have outfits that are apart from the crowd and unique or bizarre hairdos at times. This is the reason why other people often label them as eccentric.


Aquarians generally have natural intelligence and exceptional wit which is why they end up in a good circle of friends but at the end of the day, they gracefully manage to stand alone. The reason behind this is that they refuse to bend down their morals, ideals, and independence as well for anyone.


Aquarians usually prefer to stick to something that they want to. Therefore, changing their viewpoint is very tough so if you want to change their viewpoint then you might as well have solid reasons before proposing them with your perspective. Here, by ‘evidence’, it generally means facts, data, and such.

What makes an Aquarius happy

Out of a million things that make an Aquarius happy, below are some of the important things that make them happy:-

Whenever they help somebody

One appreciable trait of Aquarians is that they are very humanitarian which is why they leave no stone unturned when it comes to contributing their share to society. The simple equation that an Aquarius follows is that to smile they help in bringing a smile to other people’s faces.


Aquarians appreciate honesty to their core which is why they have a hunch of catching something if they are lying. This will eventually lead them into a turn-off and then they may want to keep their distance from the dishonest from then. In a nutshell, it can be said that an Aquarius is in a constant hunt for transparency be it in friendships or even relationships.

Being adventurous

Aquarius is strictly against boredom since they love going on adventures. This is when they try their level best to turn their day-to-day tasks into every possible adventure that they can. So, to make any Aquarius acquaintance happy try taking them on a spontaneous trip or even excursion and you will notice them smiling all day about this.

Random surprises

Aquarius is in love with getting random surprises. All one needs to do is show gestures that can prove that they care about their Aquarius acquaintance. The thing is that they like it when they are caught off guard and get random surprises as according to them, these gestures are one of the best ways to show that their acquaintance is glad to have them in their life.


Thus, the answer to the question ‘is Aquarius a water sign’, the answer is a simple yes. Aquarians are somebody who is not just eccentric but also imaginative. Whenever some problems arise, Aquarius tries to find a new innovative approach rather than moving forward with generational outdated practices to save that particular problem. Furthermore, Aquarius feels more confident about breaking the norm and inspiring others to embrace their individuality. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about an Aquarius.

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