What is Meaning of Right Eye Blinking in Astrology?

Do you believe that something as familiar as twitching of your eyes can be related to some superstitions or omens? The involuntary action of your eyes in which they fall into a repetitive spasm may seem harmless, but lots of beliefs are attached to it. Your jumping eyes might be telling you much more than you can think of.

right eye blinkingIt starts so suddenly that you can’t think of any escape. It becomes difficult to understand why the eye starts jumping out of the blues. It makes you superstitious, and you fail to believe any other way related to it. Eye twitching superstition has a long history.

You may find it surprising, but the superstition of eye twitching is not related to India only. It is equally believed and followed in other parts of the world as well. Although it is mild and harmless, it can be very bothersome at times. Most of the times, the twitching resolves on their own and may not last for long, but there is always a meaning behind it.

According to Vedic Indian astrology, eye twitching can be used as a base to predict your future. The prediction differs with the gender and the direction of the eye. The twitching of the right or the left eye differs in their results. However, In Indian astrology, it is independent of the time of the day.
The twitching of the right eye holds different meanings for both men and women.

For Male (Right eye blinking meaning for Men)

The twitching of the right eye of men is considered auspicious. Men may hear good news related to their profession. It indicates good fortune and good future.

For Female (Right eye blinking meaning for Women)

The case is almost reverse in case of women. The same twitching eye can bring a bad omen in a woman’s life. It brings inauspiciousness. Women may tend to hear some bad news related to their professional life. They might face different problems at different fronts of their lives.

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Time Wise Right eye Blinking Effects

We have countered some common beliefs associated with the twitching of the right eye.

  • In some cultures, twitching of eyes is believed to bring good luck and fortune. The jerking is believed to be a good sign, and it may bring some good news or monetary gain. Jerking of the lower eyelid is believed to be too good for the instance.
  • The meaning of the jumping eye can alter with the change in timings as well. Refer to this idea:

11 pm-1 am: If the right eye is twitching from 11 pm to 1 am, you may get an invitation.

11 am- 1 pm: The same twitching when it happens between 11 am to 1 pm, it indicates a disaster.

  • However, a few other people believe that lower eyelid jerking indicates sobbing. The jerking of upper eyelid demonstrates that you meet some stranger anytime soon, and the stranger will equip a special place in your life.
  • In some cultures, the twitching of the right eye is associated with the death of some nearby family member.
  • Also, according to a belief, the twitching of the right eye is alarming. It is an indication that someone is praising you or you may get to hear some pleasure able news. It is an indication of an encounter to an unexpected person.

Eye twitching is a normal process; it is temporary and fades away with eventually. It does not ask for proper care and diet, although but there are times when it lasts for longer. It can be worth taking care if the twitching lasts for long. The twitching can be a sign of neurological disease.

The constant twitching of the eyes can be associated with extreme fatigue, improper sleep, and working on the screen for longer intervals. You may need a pair of glasses.

It becomes essential to see a doctor if:

  • The twitching of your right eye continues for more than 3 days.
  • If the twitching of your eye spreads to other parts of your face.
  • If you notice some discharge, swelling, or redness on your face.
  • If the twitching is too close to your eyelids, and it becomes tough to close your eyes.

Such a symptom should never be ignored, and immediate medical help should be taken.

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