5 Signs of Gemini Man/Woman Testing You

Born between the 21st of May and the 21st of June, Gemini men are counted as the hardest to know truly. The people who belong to this zodiac sign possess features like relaxed, charming, and intelligent, however, when it comes to the men of this zodiac sign, there are other things one must know.

How to Know If Gemini Man/Woman is Testing You?

When a Gemini man/Woman looks for the love of his life, he is sure to panic a little firstly, however later, he surely works over his fears, insecurities, and doubts and comes out with a focused mind. And the best way he works over all these to have his perfect partner is by testing the woman to know if things would work out properly or not.

So, what do you think? How does a Gemini man test you? Here are some of the most rampant tests you may find a Gemini man using on women, even you, for testing.

gemini man test woman

#1 He/she starts ignoring you

This is one of the classic moves adopted by the Gemini man/Woman. When they start having feelings for any woman, he would get nervous, feel pressured, and would also ask for some space. And all this would leave you in a dilemma for sure. Typically, he is testing you by ignoring you so that he can make out how serious you are about him and the relationship. The only thing you can do here is show him that you care for him and want to be constantly in his life. Once he understands this, he would surely become normal again.

#2 Pushes you to test your boundaries

Gemini men really want to explore every piece of your nature and behavior to learn about your personality. They are very curious, and hence, once they feel connected with any woman, they would start testing their boundaries. They do so to learn your reactions whether you shall be confused, surprised, irritated, or angry. Gemini men surely would want to test you, however, they are bad planners, and hence, don’t consider the results before testing your boundaries. The best way to handle this situation is to have a conversation with them about all these clearly.

#3 Makes sudden changes

Are you ready with a weekend plan including some romantic candlelight dinner followed by a classic movie? But what if your Gemini man/Woman suddenly changes your plans and drags you to overnight camping? Don’t be surprised by this move. He is now testing whether you are prepared to follow the changes or not. He would do so to check on how you react to sudden chaos spontaneously. Would you get irritated or try something out of the box? If this happens, just go with the flow and accompany him with his plan. Doing this once would help you gain his trust and solidify the relationship.

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#4 Questions, Questions, and Questions

Another trick of Gemini man testing you would be questioned. This is among the most straightforward and easiest ways of testing. Once they are interested in you, they would start asking you several questions to know about you. This would include questions about your past, the kind of nature you visualize, thoughts of various conspiracy theories, etc. This is a good sign that he is actually interested in you, however, you also need to be cleverly answering the questions as well. A better way to deal with this situation is to initiate deep conversations so that you both can learn about each other quickly to decide whether the relationship can be taken forward or not.

#5 Takes you to social events

This is one of the best moves while testing a Gemini man date. Gemini men are social butterflies. They are happy when they attend parties, get-togethers, or any other social events as they feel happy in having conversations about nearly everything. This is a good part about them, but on the other hand, they might also test you by doing so. All you have to do is attend the parties or events with him. You don’t need to be the center of attraction like them in the event but happily have to meet people and mingle with them. If you do so, he would be happy to see you happy. But if you are standing alone out of the crowd, this is sure to irritate him, leading to an unhealthy relationship.

Apart from all these, other signs a Gemini man is testing you include strangely flirting with you in public, revealing some of his mysterious secrets, initiating a fantastic conversation, surprising you with new moves in the bedroom, opening up with his hobbies, taking certain decisions on his behalf, forgets to be punctual, etc. So, if you are experiencing any of these actions, don’t panic. Just make smart and safe moves to make him feel secure about the relationship and you are sure to remain together for the rest of your lives.

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