Types of Yoni in Astrology – Yoni Compatibility Chart

When it comes to Vedic Astrology, Kundali matching is one of the essential steps taken for determining the success of the married life of the couple. And Yoni matching is again one of the essential areas when Kundalis are matched. Also termed Yoni Porutham, it is a phase that deals with the se*ual compatibility of the couple in their married life.

Through this piece of information, we shall learn about the importance of Yoni Porutham in Vedic Astrology and what it actually means. We shall also discuss the ancient standards related to se*ual compatibility and how the bond develops.

What is Yoni Matching?

Generally speaking, Yoni is the generative or main organ. Again, as per the Sanskrit language, Yoni relates to a womb. But Yoni in Kundali or Astrology gives the idea of the se*ual nature of an individual. It also gives a brief idea of the type of individual one would enjoy being in a relationship and satisfactory se*ual relations. The type of Yoni one is having depends on the Nakshatra type during birth, also termed Janma Nakshatra.

Yoni Porutham is not only limited to se*ual compatibility. It also helps in determining some basic information about the long-term relationship the couple would have after marriage. This includes the bond the couple would develop after having se*ual contact, the satisfaction degree, the type of nature one have for desiring each other, and karmic links. The Ancient standards of se*ual compatibility never included physical relationships when counting on yoni porutham. It basically focused on the karmic and emotional bond the couple would develop after marriage.

types of Yoni

What are the different types of Yoni?

There are 13 types of Yoni according to Vedic Astrology which is considered while assessing se*ual repulsion and attraction among couples. Yoni also represents the intimate comfort one might share with a partner. All 13 Yonis are classified as Animal types like Sarpa Yoni, Ashwa Yoni, etc. And this classification helps in understanding Yoni’s se*ual traits with ease.

Yoni Matching Chart for Marriage:

As mentioned above, Yoni in Astrology is derived from the Birth Nakshatra or Janma Nakshatra of the individual. Hence, the Yoni type is obtained from the Birth Nakshatra as it is a characteristic of the Nakshatra. It doesn’t rely on the Zodiac sign or Rashi of the individual.

Here is an entire table of Yoni types, animal signs of the yoni, Male yoni, and Female Yoni according to the Birth Nakshatra.

Nakshatra Yoni Name Yoni Type Yoni Gender
Ashwini Ashwa Yoni Horse Yoni Male
Bharani Gaja Yoni Elephant Yoni Male
Krittika Mesha Yoni Sheep Yoni Female
Rohini Sarpa Yoni The serpent or Snake Yoni Male
Mrigashirsha Sarpa Yoni The serpent or Snake Yoni Female
Adra Shwaan Yoni Dog Yoni Female
Punarvasu Marjar Yoni Cat Yoni Female
Pushya Mesha Yoni or Aja Yoni Sheet Yoni or Goat Yoni Male
Ashlesha Marjar Yoni or Bilav Yoni Cat Yoni Male
Magha Mushak Yoni Rat Yoni Male
Purva Phalguni Mushak Yoni Rat Yoni Female
Uttara Phalguni Gow Yoni or Vrishabha Yoni Cow Yoni Male
Hasta Mahish Yoni Buffalo Yoni Female
Chitra Vyaghra Yoni Tiger Yoni Female
Swati Mahish Yoni Buffalo Yoni Male
Vishakha Vyaghra Yoni Tiger Yoni Male
Anuradha Mriga Yoni Deer Yoni Female
Jyeshta Mriga Yoni Deer Yoni Male
Moola Shwaan Yoni Dog Yoni Male
Purva Ashdha Vanar Yoni Monkey Yoni Male
Uttara Ashadha Nakul Yoni Mongoose Yoni Female
Shravana Vanar Yoni Monkey Yoni Female
Dhanishta Simha Yoni Lion Yoni Female
Shatabhisha Ashwa Yoni Horse Yoni Male
Purva Bhadrapada Simha Yoni Lion Yoni Female
Uttara Bhadrapada Gow Yoni Cow Yoni Female
Revati Gaja Yoni Elephant Yoni Female
Abhijit Nakul Yoni Mongoose Yoni Male

Hence, these are the different types of Yoni that are considered at the time of Kundali matching which helps in learning about the intimate compatibility and the se*ual bliss of a couple and marriage.

Why Yoni Matching is Important?

Yoni Porutham is an important phase in Kundali matching during marriage as it helps in learning about the se*ual compatibility of the couple after marriage. It should also be marked that the matching should be carried out considering the kundali of both the boy and girl. Yoni Matching should not only be carried out for the girl as it helps in learning the physical compatibility of the married couple. It should also be marked that there are no particular parameters that help in learning which zodiac sign is physically compatible with the other zodiac sign as this can only be determined by the nakshatra at the time of birth.

Again, it should be marked that the matching would only give you answers about the incompatibility among the stars and not about their compatibility in routine life as both the wife and husband might have different physical and emotional relationships with each other on different occasions. It is henceforth an assumption that if one particular nakshatra is not compatible, the other might be or might not be compatible. Many times some married couples never have satisfactory compatibility, considering both physical and emotional compatibility. And the Yoni Porutham is hence an important part of such couples or relationships. While matching the yoni of such couples, the se*ual relations or human behavior is considered and the incompatibility is charted. When such incompatibility is considered in a converse way, it shows the points that are compatible.


Hence, it can be concluded that Yoni Porutham would be helpful in building good relationships on both emotional and physical grounds through which the couples can enjoy a satisfactory married life.

A good score in Yoni Porutham would reveal a good and mutual se*ual desire between the couple. This happens when the couple has good compatibility, emotional understanding, and friendship. On the other hand, if the score of the se*ual compatibility is an extreme enemy or enemy yoni, it can result in an unsatisfactory marriage life which is also termed a Yoni dosha.

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