What is Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga? – Importance of Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga in Astrology

Neecha Bhanga Raj yoga is said to be one of the most powerful yoga in astrology. When the person has this raj yoga in his natal chart, he owns familiarity, prosperity, powerfulness, and virtuous. The effects of the debilitated planets make the person strongly willed. This negative experience sculptures the person and his energy in a proper direction, and it helps him to achieve success. The word itself has two split words. Neecha Bhanga means cancellation of debilitation and Raj yoga means a combo of prosperity and authority.

neecha bhanga raja yogaNeecha Graha is the placement of any planet in its debilitated sign, and the Planet will not result well. When the malefic influence is reduced due to the planetary alignment, and the weakness of Neecha Graha is recovered, then this position is called as Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga.

How does Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga Form?

  • If the exalted Planet of the sign in which it is debilitated is in the center from the ascendant or the moon.
  • If the debilitated Planet in a sign is with the exalted Planet in the sign/influences the debilitated Planet.
  • If the planet lord is debilitated and the planet lord is exalted are in the center.
  • If the debilitated sign lord and the exalted sign lord are in the center from the ascendant or the moon.
  • If the Sign lord influences the debilitated Planet of the same sign.

How to check Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga in Kundli?

  • If the debilitated Planet is associated with the exalted Planet.
  • If the debilitated Planet is exalted in Navamsa Chart.
  • If the debilitated Planet is aspect by another debilitated planet.
  • If the debilitated Planet occupies the lord of the sign and the lord of the exaltation sign of the debilitated Planet be in a quadrant from the Moon sign.

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Effects and Benefits of Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga

The impact of this yoga is seen during the dasa and bhukthi periods of the grahas that combine to produce this yoga. If the Lagna lord or the 10th lord is involved, then the results would be experienced throughout one’s life. In the beginning, a planet in the debilitated position will not provide good results, but during its Dasha-Antardasha period, it gives extraordinary results.

If a person has Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga in his/her kundali, his present condition and poverty do not matter. One point is damn sure that she/he will become a successful person in her/his life.

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Celebrities with Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga

This interesting yoga first gets Neecha stage, and then the Bhanga stage starts finally ends with Raja yoga. This final stage occurs almost after 36 years. For this, the affected Planet should be angular in shape from ascendant. The debilitation termination occurs when the owner is angular from the moon, or it joins the harmful Planet.

Rules for Neecha Bhanga are:

  • When a neecha graha occupies a Kendra.
  • When a debilitated planet holds a Kendra.
  • Presence of the strong lord of the neechha graham.

When is the debility canceled?

  • The sign lord where the Planet gets exalted is in Kendra.
  • The current house lord where the Planet debilitated and the sign lord where the Planet is exalted are located in mutual kendras.
  • From the moon or lagna, the Planet becomes exalted in the current sign.
  • The debilitated Planet is exalted in Navamsha chart.
  • The neecha planet is free from retrograde and not in any dusthana.

One thing should be remembered the Neecha bhanga is a cancellation of debility and not exaltation.

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