Dhanteras 2019 Date in India

Dhanteras, the festival marks the beginning of the festival of lights’ Diwali’. Originally known as ‘Dhanvantri Trayodashi’, the festival is known as the integral part of one of the biggest Hindu festival Diwali. Dhanteras, the term ‘Dhan‘ refers to wealth or money, and “Teras” refers to the trayodashi date. The day is observed at the end of the Ashwin month.

dhanteras 2019The auspicious festival holds much significance in the Hindu religion. It indeed indicates the purchase of wealth in terms of gold, silver or steel utensils. The sale of gold and silver jewellery increase manifolds on this day. The new purchases or investments are dedicated to Lord Kuber, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali. It is believed the dedicating wealth to Lords on this day brings immense wealth, fortune and prosperity in one’s wealth.

It is a custom to buy gold or silver coins on this day. Going to market, malls and other shopping places are quite hectic these days. Purchasing new things, decorative pieces, household products, brass utensils, idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi lies at the heart of this festival. People buy new cars, organize Bhoomi poojan, inaugurate showrooms and consider starting new ventures on this day. All these activities define the significance of this festival.

Dhanteras 2019 Date in India

This year, Dhanteras will fall on 25th October 2019. It is common in many places of the country to observe a fast on this day to honour the festival. They fast till sunset and ceremoniously broke it by eating puris with sweet dishes.

It is a ritual to lit diyas and place it on the entrance of the house. The diyas are considered mandatory to welcome Goddess Laksmi to the home. People play devotional songs and bhajans to establish a spiritual environment in their house. The new purchases and cereals are placed in the temple area of the house because it is considered auspicious.

There is another interesting ritual attached to Dhanteras. A diya is invoked in the “Yam”, the God of death and the diya is known as “Yam Diya”. Apart from this diya, people offer prayer to God so that he can help them in keeping all the negative forces at bay. Naivedya or Prasad is offered to God. Dhanteras 2019 will bring happiness and prosperity in your home.

Dhanteras Puja Muhurat 2019

The Dhanteras puja muhurat for the day Friday, 25th October 2019 will be 7:08 PM to 8:13 PM. The muhurat will last for around 1 hour 05 minutes.

  • Trayodashi tithi begins at 7:08 PM on Oct 25, 2019
  • Trayodashitithi ends 03:46 PM on Oct 26, 2019

How to do Dhanteras Puja at Home?

The Lakshmi pujan on the day of Dhanteras is performed during Pradosh Kal. This Kal begins after sunset and last for around 2 hours and 24 minutes.

There is no need for following chaughadiya muhurat for any pooja because it holds significance for travelling only. There is a time period in pradosh kal when sthir lagna prevails. Sthir means fixed. It is advised to perform pooja during this sthir lagna because it bounds Goddess Lakshmi to your home. The other name for sthir lagna is vrishbha lagna, and it usually overlaps pradosh kal on the day of Dhanteras.

Make sure to perform puja during this time period to make deity never leave your home.

Dhanteras Significance

The day holds much significance in the Hindu religion, and its importance dates back to the era of Vedas. It is believed that the ocean was churned on this particular day for “Amrita” or nectar. Lord Dhanvantri and Goddess Lakshmi came out from the ocean during this process carrying out the milk of ocean, the elixir with the power of blessing long and healthy life.

There is another legend story attached to this festival. King Himas had a 16-year old son. He was bound to be prophesied by a snake bite on the fourth day of his marriage. It is said that on that particular day his wife spread all her sparkling jewellery, gold and silver coins and all other ornaments in the shape of a heap on the entrance of her house. She lit up the room of her husband from earthen diyas so that he can stay awake. Also, she narrated him stories throughout the night to prevent him from sleeping. When Yama entered the door in the form of a serpent, his eyes dazzled, and he returned. This way, the life of the prince was saved. This is why; the day is celebrated as Dhanteras on the first place, and a diya for Yam is lit throughout the night.

Traditionally, Lord Dhanvantri is also known as the originator of Ayurveda. Worshipping him on this particular day assures good health and well-being of the family as well.

Celebrate the festival with all your devotions and pomp and show.

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