Diwali 2022 Dates – Deepavali 2022 Festival Calendar

The biggest festival of Hindu religion, Diwali is not a single festival but a set of different festivals. It is a weeklong festival that is celebrated throughout the country. The festival of lights is awaited for the whole year, and it is a gazetted holiday as well. The festival is often associated with wealth and prosperity. Like every year, Diwali this year will be celebrated with equal pomp and show.

The most prominent festival of the country, Diwali indicates the triumph of good over bad, light over darkness. Lamps are lit, people decorate their houses, and gifts are exchanged. Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped in this day.

What is Diwali 2022 Date in India?

Diwali calendar 2019

Diwali This year will fall on October 24, 2022, on Monday. The festival starts with auspicious Dhanteras and ends on Bhai dook. Let us take a look at the five-day festivals associated with Diwali and Diwali 2022 calendar.

Saturday, 22 of October 2022 – Dwadshi/ Dhanteras

The festival of Diwali starts with this auspicious day. The first day of the long celebration is associated with shopping gold, silver, or steel utensils for your home. It is considered lucky to buy one of these metals for your home. People clean their houses and offices, decorate them with lights and beautiful showpieces.

Sunday, 23rd of October 2022 – Trayodashi / Kali Chaudas

Kali chaudas is also known as Chhoti Diwali. A few diyas are lit on this day as well. A small is a pooja done at home with all the family members sitting around. Major purchases are made to distribute gifts among families and friends. Sweets, decorative pieces, lights, and crackers are bought. Homemade delicacies are prepared to serve on the day of the Diwali.

Monday, 24th of October 2022 – Chaudas / Narak Chaturdashi / Lakshmi Pooja / Diwali

Diwali is associated with lights, family, friends, gifts, crackers, and so much fun. The Diwali pooja is not only done is home but in offices as well. It is the most significant day for Hindu businessmen.

They worship Goddess Lakshmi, ink, pens, and their new account books.

The auspicious pooja of Diwali is done after sunset on Deepavali date. Families sit together and recite prayers and in unison. Pooja is done on its pre-decided muhurat, and people take blessings from their elders and holy flame after performing a pooja.

After this, the time for celebration starts. People firecrackers, eat sweets, play music and games with their families and friends. Diwali is considered as the perfect time to enjoy with the near and dear ones.

Drinking and gambling are also considered as the integral part of this festival. It is deemed to be lucky to gamble on this day.

Wednesday, 26th of October 2022 – Amavasya / Annakut

The day next to Diwali is celebrated as Annakut and Govardhan Pooja. The day is dedicated to cow worship, and langars are distributed in the temples. Moreover, the day also celebrated a unique bond between husband and wife. In various parts of the country, husbands give gifts to their wives on this day. Parents invite their newlywed kids to their home on this auspicious day and give them gifts along with the blessings.

Wednesday, 26th of October 2022 – Dwitiya/ Bhai Dooj

The last day of the Diwali festival is celebrated as Bhai Dooj. The day represents a unique bond between brother and sister. Brothers travel to their sister’s home on this day and sisters tilak their brothers. The ritual involves applying vermillion on the brother’s head. The day is celebrated with same spirit as of Raksha bandhan.

Why is Diwali Celebrated?

There is a story attached to this festival of light. Lord Rama went to exile for 14 years to keep the promise made by his father. Meanwhile, Ravana abducted Sita and Ram had to win a war over him to get his wife back. He returned to his Dynasty Ayodhya with his wife Sita after 14 years on this Diwali festival date. The residents of the town were so happy that they lit diyas of ghee and marked the day as a festival.

It is believed that the festival brings happiness, prosperity, and wealth into people’s lives.

Houses are cleaned, painted, and renovated. Furniture is repaired, and people decorate their homes and offices. Rangolis are made, and new, colorful clothes are worn. People eat and distribute sweets among their families, friends, and neighbours.

The five-day celebration fills us with happiness and refreshes our life. It is like new energy that fills us with strength every year. Each year we make new memories and wait for next year celebrations.

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