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Marriage is one of the essential decisions in anyone’s life. Everyone would wish to have a spouse with whom making memories would be fun, loving, and happy. And hence, people look for compatible life partners. When it comes to marriage, Kundli matching by name is one of the important steps taken as per Hindu scriptures. In Hinduism, the Kundli or horoscope of both the girl and the boy are matched which helps in nullifying any evil effects of after-marriage life. Again, if in case any dosha or evil effects are observed, there are various poojas, remedies, or solutions available to deal with the malefic effects.

So, are you also waiting for your Mr. or Miss Perfect? Or are you thinking of how this marriage compatibility by name works? Well, here is a brief explanation of how to find your perfect life partner through marriage compatibility.

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The Hindu Vedic astrologers give importance to the Janam Kundli Milan when it comes to marriage. Before the couple tied a knot for a lifetime, the astrologers believe in matching the kundlis to ensure a long and happy married life. Initially, the job of name matching for marriage was carried out by the astrologers or the family priests. However, today, the online Kundli or Horoscope Matching for marriage is quite popular which has made the process of Kundli matching very easy and quick.

The process of matching the Kundli of the boy and girl can be carried out in two different ways. The first is a horoscope matching by name, and the second is a horoscope matching by date of birth.

Marriage Compatibility by Name

Kundli matching by name is carried out by merely matching the names of the groom and the bride. This is also termed Guna Milan by name in which the marriage compatibility is tested on the basis of the Gunas of the groom and the bride with the help of their names. The astrologers work on the marriage compatibility of the bride and the groom on the basis of various factors. They count on the 36 characteristics or gunas of the bride and the groom and reach the conclusion of whether they should marry or not. It is believed that the more the gunas match, the more the compatibility of the couple. However, it is believed that a minimum of 18 gunas should match for ideal compatibility. Again, if all the 36 gunas match, it is believed that it is a heavenly match which is very rare.

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While in Kundli matching by date of birth, the Janam Patrika of the bride and groom are matched on the basis of the age-old Ashtakuta method. In this, compatibility is carried out on the basis of the birth details of the bride and the groom.
Generally, the Janam Patrikas are matched for checking out the compatibility between the girl and the boy. But if the actual date of birth is not known the compatibility is carried out on the basis of Kundli Milan by name. Apart from this, the place of birth and the time are also important while calculating compatibility through Janam Kundli.

Name compatibility after Marriage:

Marriage compatibility by name is not only limited to checking compatibility before marriage but after marriage too. After marriage, if the girl adopts the surname of the boy and drops her paternal surname, the compatibility needs to be checked again as it should symphonically vibrate with the name of the husband. If changing the surname creates problems the girl should carry her paternal surname and add the husband’s surname after her paternal surname. If still harmful, the husband’s surname should be avoided.

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How to See Name Matching for Marriage?

We have provided the Name Matching or say Marriage Compatibility by Name tool. Use this tool and enter your and your partner's name to find out the Marriage Compatibility between two Name.

How to Check Marriage Compatibility by Name?

We have provided the Marriage Compatibility or say Name Matching tool. Use this tool and enter your and your partner's name match name of your and your partner's name.