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As far as astrology has been taken into consideration, marriages have been labeled as something that is made in heaven. It is firmly believed that the planets, stars along with heavenly bodies have their fraction of contribution when it comes to creating an impact on marriage and this has been proved true in the case of love marriages as well. It is believed that the birth chart will finalize whether the individual will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Thus, in both arranged marriage and love marriage, astrology plays a very important role.

Ways to Determine the Love Marriage

Both the concept of arranged marriage and love marriage has run in the country for generations over generations. In this process, the Janam Kundli of both the individual involved in the marriage are involved, In terms of love marriage, the following 5 ways will finalize the love marriage prediction:-

Predictions using houses

For love marriage prediction purpose, the 5th house, 7th house, 8th house as well as 11th house plays a very major role when it comes to love marriage. In the meantime, zodiac signs such as Pisces, Gemini, and Scorpio also have a lot to say in this procedure.

5th house is the indication of love and romance and is termed as the main house in horoscopes that can be read to check the Romance. The 7th house is an indication of partnership that is inclusive of arranged and love marriage. Although the 8th house does not play a major role, it still holds the importance of physical desires. Lastly, the 11th house symbolizes profit, success, close friendship, and sexual desire.

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Prediction using planets

In the case of the planet of love, Venus is one of the most popular ones and it is a sign of Romance and Marriage. Thereafter, Mars connects to Male energy and is a symbol of passion. Rahu emphasizes the desires that are not fulfilled and thus is an indication of sensual desires. Confusion and constant enjoyment of life are indicated through Mercury. Lastly, the moon has the authority to control thoughts thereby playing a significant role in the love marriage.

Prediction using Navamsa Chart

Through the Navamsa Chart, the potential problems can be thrown out of the relationship. This can also include the parental pressure that is against the match. For this, the birth chart must indicate solid signs of love after which the Navamsa chart should be studied in case of any troubles.

Prediction using timing

The key indicators of kundali are termed to be Dasha and Time. Therefore, irrespective of whether or not the chart shows the Right Yoga for love marriage, it is mandatory to have the right and positive dasha for all of this to happen.

Love Marriage

Astrology combination in Love marriage

When it comes to astrology, the possibility of love marriage is also determined by the Rahu and Venus combined to indicate Love Marriage irrespective of whether it is inter-religion or inter caste. On one hand, Rahu highlights all the things whereas on the other hand Venus when coming in contact with Rahu helps in magnifying all the feelings of Romance and Love inside the certain individual. In the case of lagnas, when the Upapada Lagna and Arudha Lagna combine, it greatly increases the chances of love marriage. In a nutshell, it can be said that when it comes to love or arrange marriage prediction, astrology plays a key role and this cannot be unseen.

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How to find the marriage date from kundli?

Kundli reading for love marriage is as important as it is for an arranged marriage. To find the marriage date right from the kundli, try adding the numbers of the birth date of the bride as well as of the groom, thereby reducing it to a single digit. For example, the bride’s date of birth is 16/11/2000 whereas the groom’s birth date is 22/12/1996. The fortune number of both the party will be;-

For groom,

Add the digits of the birth date of the groom.


Reduce it to single-digit;


The destiny number of the groom is 5.

For bride,

Add the digits of the birth date of the bride;


Reduce it to single-digit;


The destiny number of brides is 2.

Combine both the party number


Now, the apt suitable date for marriage through the destiny number can be figured out.


Thus, marriage is an important part of life, and marriages through Kundli or Horoscopes by date of birth greatly help in playing the right and main role in our Indian culture as people already set their minds on the type of partner they desire depending upon the horoscope sign they are themselves so that the foundation for a bright future can be seen and achieved. Now that you have all the information, you need for predicting a love marriage, you are all set to move ahead and predict the same for you.

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