What is Bhakoot Koota & Its Importance?

Kundli or Horoscope matching is inevitable in Indian marriage. Thorough analysis for marriage is must to continue the married life without any hassles. In Kundli, many points are considered invariably.

kundli matchingRasi Gana or Bhakoot Koota is the 7th test in the Ashtakoota Milan system of Kundli matching. It predominantly assesses the wealth and health of the partners after their wedding. In Ashtakoota Milan System, Bhakoot Koota holds the second highest score points, and for the same, it is considered to be the second important test in Kundli Matching. Bhakoot Koota is a part of star-based matching, and it is traditionally related to natural love between the couple. Here, Moon is taken into consideration.

Importance of Bhakoot Koota in Kundli Matching

Moon is an essential star while making matching for marriage. It holds power on our mind, taste, and temperament. Hence, this star or Janma Nakshatra of the couple should be checked out properly for a blissful life. The compatibility of Janma Nakshatra is called Ashtakoota Milan. It means eight points to be checked during Nakshatra Matching for marriage.

  • Varna Koota- 1- Spirituality
  • Vashya Koota- 2 – Attraction
  • Tara Koota- 3 – Mental Compatibility
  • Yoni Koota- 4 – Sexual Compatibility
  • Graha Maitri Koota- 5 – Friendship between the Rashi lords
  • Gana Koota- 6 – Mindset
  • Rashi Koota- 7 – Janma Rashi
  • Nadi Koota- 8 – Matching Naadi

In Vedic Astrology, there are 12 sun signs namely Mesha, Vrishabha, Mithuna, Karka, Simha, Kanya, Tula, Vrischika, Dhanu, Makar, Kumbha, and Meena. When calculating the score of Bhakoot Koota, all these sun signs are equally considered.

Bhakoot Koota Point Table (Vedic Astrology)

Based on the sun signs, both the bride and groom Bhakoot Koota points are calculated as shown beneath.


If both the partners belong to the same sign or from different zodiac signs with the same ruling planet, then the match is considered as the most suitable one. It represents a high compatibility rate.

7 is the maximum point that a couple can score and it is obtained only when the lords of both the partners belong to the same sign. The possible combinations under Bhakoot Koota in Kundli matching are 1/1, 1/7, 2/12, 3/11, 4/10, 5/9, and 6/8. These can be bifurcated as auspicious and inauspicious.

  • 1/1, 1/7, 3/11, 4/10: The auspicious combinations
  • 2/12, 5/9 and 6/8: The inauspicious combinations

In the above table, a few combinations score zero which represents “Bhakoot Dosha.” This Dosha affects married couples terribly, and the significant effects are counted as:

  • “Nav Pancham Bhakoot dosha” is also known as 5/9 positions of rashis.
  • “Dwirdwadash Bhakoot dosha” which is also known as 2/12 position of rashis.
  • “Mrityu Shadashtaka Bhakoot dosha” which is otherwise called as 6/8 position of rashis.

Between the married couple, these three doshas bring out three different kinds of adverse effects.

  • Mrityu Shadashtaka Bhakoot Dosha – Causes significant health issues to any one of the partners
  • Nav panchm Bhakoot dosha- Invokes pregnancy problems among the couple
  • Dwirdwadash Bhakoot Dosha – Raises financial troubles in the life journey

Such problems eventually separate the couple or make them divorce.
Nevertheless, Bhakoot Dosha may not be considered or can be canceled if- The partners have the same Rashi lords of their signs or mutually friendly Rashi lords or friendly Navamsh.

Bhakoot Dosh is said to be lessened in the following conditions:

  • The 6/8 Bhakoot dosha is said to be reduced in the pair of Aries-Scorpio and Taurus-Libra.
  • The 2/12 Bhakoot dosha is said to be lessened in the pair of Capricorn-Aquarius
  • The Dosha is considerably less in these cases but does not get entirely nullified.

Always examine the positions of Janma Rasis in bride and groom horoscopes. 2/12, 6/8, and 5/9 is considered malefic. 2/12 indicates poverty, 6/8 indicates demise and 5/9 indicates loss of children.

To mitigate the malefic effect of Bhakut Dosh, a Prohit or astrologer would provide different methods of remedies based on the individual’s Kundli. The affected couple will be advised to perform puja and use a tantra or mantra to reduce the adverse effects of the dhosha.

Always choose the highest Bhakoot Koota score to bestow the couple with health, wealth, and happiness. To avoid poor Bhakoot Koota scores.

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