When You Dream of Yourself Dying Meaning! – Interpret Death Dreams

Many people are curious about the meaning of Dreams they see with closed eyes. Surely, what you see with closed eyes have meaning, and that is proven since Ancient time. We have witnessed such events in past and that’s what makes us believe in dreams. Like, Lord Rama saw his father Raja Dashratha dying in a dream and that happened. Apart from Lord Rama, Even the King of Lanka, Ravana too show such a dream, and later on, awful things happen.

Earlier, we talked about seeing Snake in Dream and their Meaning in Astrology. But, Today we are addressing a unique dream where One sees him/herself dying in their own dream, what is the meaning of seeing your own death in your dream? Here is Astrology meaning having a dream of yourself dying.

Death Dreams Signify

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Yourself Dying?

Here is the detailed meaning of dreaming own death as per Vedic Astrology;

  • As per Vedic Astrology, seeing yourself dying is auspicious (शुभ)! Yes, you can finally relax and you will be glad to know that it also means you will see good fortune in the near times.
  • If you dream about the death of your close family member or relative, it means they will have a long life. Yes, it is very auspicious to dream of such a thing.
  • If you are ill for some reason and at that time you see yourself dying, it means YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE Very soon! Yes, It means you will have a speedy recovery from your illness.
  • And in case you dream that you are dying while Flying, it means all your problems are going to fly away and you are going to have a good life ahead.
  • But if you dream of cremation or death repeatedly, it means there are some challenges that will knock on your door in the coming days.

Isn’t it fascinating to see such dreams? Now, let’s check out what it means when you dream of an already dead person.

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What if you Dream of Already Dead Person?

  • If you see an already dead person from your family or close relatives, it means they have some wishes which are not fulfilled yet, or some of the deeds they suggested are not done yet. Figure it out and fulfill them ASAP.
  • If you see yourself talking to an already dead person in your dream, it means you will have a profitable business, or a promotion in a job soon.
  • In case, if you dream about a family member’s burning body, it means Problems in your life will be reduced soon.

What is NOT Good about dreaming of death?

So far, you must have read all the good things about dreaming of death. You must be happy and think it’s all good dreaming death of yourself or a close relative. But there are few things in dreaming of death which is Inauspicious, let’s check out about it.

  • If you see severed heads in your dream, it indicates that challenges and problems in your life going to increase soon.
  • And if you see yourself Getting Killed in your dream, it indicates that someone your close relative will betray you. Be careful.
  • And dreaming own suicide is not good at all. It indicates that you will soon be introduced to lots of new problems in your life.
  • Dreaming about ghosts is also not good, it indicates a future with new problems.

So, How is our new article, hope we helped you to understand the meaning of dreaming your own death with a different scenario. If you still have doubts, you can Talk to Expert Astrologers and clear your doubts now.

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