List of Amavasya Dates in This Month 2021

Amavasya (No moon day) means Dark Chandra (Moon) lunar phase. The day is considered inauspicious. On Amavasya Thithi, shradh rituals are performed to repay our debts, appease our ancestors. During the day, the man at home should wake up early, take a head bath (in the absence of his father/mother), feed his ancestors with a purely cooked meal.

No moon dayThe Hindu mythology says the ancestors will be in the form of crows and they will eat the food which is fed by his blood relative. The food should be prepared clearly without onion, garlic and masala items. By regularly doing so, we will be bestowed with the blessings of our ancestors. Our life will start to see uplifts gradually. On the whole day, no one should consume liquor, non-vegetarian.

Check out Dates of Amavasya For 2021(month and date wise)

When the Moon is within the 12 degrees of angular distance between the Surya and Chandra before concurrence, then that day is called Amavasya. In this day, many important festivals like Diwali, Lakshmi pooja falls. While performing tantric pooja in this day, one can get rid of from negative energy, black magic, and evil eyes. The day will not be successful for beginning any new work. There is a belief that one who does fasting on Amavasya that falls on Monday, all his or her desire will be fulfilled by the Almighty.

Mahalaya Amavasya is considered as the most powerful one, and in this day the Lord Vishnu permits the departed souls to visit the earth. Those who missed giving tharpanam should give in this day. It will help the souls to attain Moksha, and you will have a relief from all the obstacles in your life. With the help of a priest, in the river or pond, the thithi has to be given.

When the Amavasya falls on Monday, then it is called Somvati Amavasya. This is considered to be the most auspicious day, and it occurs once or twice in a year. On this day, Lord Shiva is worshipped. Dharmaraj Yudhistira was advised by Bhishma to observe Somvati Amavasya Vrata acquire a long living life with noble children. Offering prayers to peepal tree on the day holds a special significance. People who suffer from Pitru Dosha should observe fasting on this day to free from all karmas and doshas.

Bheemana Amavasya is an important ritual performed by the Hindus in Karnataka. This day falls in the month of Ashadha (July – August). The pooja is performed for the longevity and well-being of men in the family. The day is celebrated to honor Lord Shiva and Devi Parvathi. Two clay structures are created, and a yellow thread is tied around them. Women offer prayers and sing traditional songs. Eventually, women tie the yellow thread in their right hand and offer prayer to Bheemeshwara.

When is Amavasya? It is wavering in our minds every month. How to remind the day? A detailed table is provided here for Amavasya 2021 along with Amavasya 2021 timings.

Date Day Start Time End time
January 12, 2021 Tuesday 12:22 PM, Jan 12 10:29 AM, Jan 13
January 13, 2021 Wednesday 12:22 PM, Jan 12 10:29 AM, Jan 13
February 11, 2021 Thursday 01:08 AM, Feb 11 12:35 AM, Feb 12
March 13, 2021 Saturday 03:02 PM, Mar 12 03:50 PM, Mar 13
April 11, 2021 Sunday 06:03 AM, Apr 11 08:00 AM, Apr 12
May 11, 2021 Tuesday 09:55 PM, May 10 12:29 AM, May 12
June 9, 2021 Wednesday 01:57 PM, Jun 09 04:22 PM, Jun 10
June 10, 2021 Thursday 01:57 PM, Jun 09 04:22 PM, Jun 10
July 9, 2021 Friday 05:16 AM, Jul 09 06:46 AM, Jul 10
August 8, 2021 Sunday 07:11 PM, Aug 07 07:19 PM, Aug 08
September 6, 2021 Monday 07:38 AM, Sep 06 06:21 AM, Sep 07
October 6, 2021, Wednesday 07:04 PM, Oct 05 04:34 PM, Oct 06
November 4, 2021 Thursday 06:03 AM, Nov 04 02:44 AM, Nov 05
December 3, 2021 Friday 04:55 PM, Dec 03 01:12 PM, Dec 04
December 4, 2021 Saturday 04:55 PM, Dec 03 01:12 PM, Dec 04

The above table will give you a perfect detail on Ammavasai. If still, you have any confusion, about the thithi, consult an Astrologer.Hope, your question Is today Amavasya? Would be cleared by referring to the Ammavasai table.What to Do on Amavasya?Follow some simple tips to say goodbye to all your financial, health, relationship setbacks.

  • Thoroughly clear nook and corner of your house (should be done on the previous day of Amavasya)
  • Just throw away waste items (should be done on the last day of Amavasya)
  • Lit lamp in the pooja room and near the Tulsi plant
  • To see fantastic wealth benefits, hoist a yellow triangular flag on the top of Lord Vishnu Temple and watch it flutter continuously.
  • Never pick tulsi leaves on the day of Amavasya
  • Pour a spoon of milk in a deep hole or depression in the earth to get rid of all hurdles
  • To appease Lord Saturn, offer black Urad dal, black cloth, an iron piece, mustard oil, and provide a blue flower to the deity. Chant his moola mantra for 108 times to subdue his anger and escape from malefic effects of Saturn.
  • Take a fresh lemon and cut into four halves, throw each half in each direction. It will help you to succeed in unemployment problems.
  • Feed a poor Brahmin to come out from all the impediments

Amavasya this month, i.e., May 2021 falls on the 13th. Hence, do not forget to do Amavasya thithi at any circumstances. You will have specific blessings from your forefathers and the omnipresent.

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