Top 6 Vastu Tips for Personality Development

Your personality leaves a significant impact on your surroundings. Either it is your personal life or professional, your personality says it all. A well-maintained personality impresses your colleagues and makes your journey a bit easier. No one fails to notice a stronger personality.    

Most of us perform lots of tasks to improve our personality. Just like all the other segments of our life, this one segment is also not untouched by the magic of Vastu. Along with all the practical approaches, Vastu also plays a key role in defining your personality. 

vastu tipsThere are certain aspects of Vastu that can either deteriorate your personality or enhance it. You may find it vague, but it is true indeed. Some specific Vastu directions can make your persona positive and help you develop a stronger personality over time. 

How Directions Influence Personality?

You may wonder how directions can influence your persona, but it is true. Read on to know how they are well-connected and influence the overall development of human beings. 

  • North East proves to be the best direction for children who study. Their skills progressively enhance in this direction. A study table placed in the North East or East direction will boost his knowledge and ensures overall success. This direction is considered holy, and children should study here because it boosts knowledge, determination and mental strength. 
  • The north-east direction is associated with water as well. According to Vastu Shastra, it symbolizes Growth and Progress. Just make sure to balance the direction properly. The direction ensures peace of mind which further brings a huge improvement in your personality. 
  • The south-east direction is ideal for the kitchen because this direction is dedicated to fire. Fire is associated with energy. Energy gives rise to motion that accelerates your life towards growth and speeds up your success. 

The people who live in houses where a gas stove is placed in the South-East direction get more opportunities for their overall success. The fire has an innate ability to make things develop. The combination of fire and this direction is known to produce positive outcomes.

One thing that must be taken care of is one should never sleep in this direction. Sleeping in this direction gives birth to stubbornness and aggression. 

If balanced correctly, the direction gives birth to completeness, success, and progress. 

  • When we consider Vastu for Personality Development, Earth monitors the south-east direction. It ensures firmness and stability in naïve’s life and behaviour. The stable person excels in making decisions, and it overall improves the personality. Residing in this direction will increase firmness and confidence in your personality. 
  • Next is the North West direction, which is monitored by Air. Residing in this direction boosts leadership qualities and the ability to analyze and communicate. It also enhances the expressiveness in the way a naïve communicate. 

In simple words, North-east direction improves coordination, leadership quality, and expressive communication. Making proper balance in this direction will help ensure all these qualities in your behaviour. 

  • Vastu Shastra calls the centre part of your house as Brahm Sthan. The name means the place of Brahma “creator of the world.” The spot is monitored by Sky, and hence it should be open. 

This open space enhances maturity and the ability to research and in-depth studies. It is necessary for personality development. 

Let us conclude it. North-East direction delivers success, and South East further accelerates it. South West enhances leadership qualities and boosts confidence. North West improves coordination, harmony and communication. Sky enhances maturity and delivers ultimate results. 

Following these Vastu rules will develop an overall personality. 

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