Top 5 Cancer Soulmate Zodiac Signs

Cancer (born between 21st June to 22nd July) is a zodiac sign that is represented by a crab. It is a serious water sign. Cancerians are emotional and intuitive. They accentuate everyone very close to them. As the Cancerians are ruled by the Moon, they possess maternal energy which represents comfort and self-care. Hence, the Cancerians are capable of attracting loyal people who can easily connect emotionally with them. Cancerians are nurturing, spiritual, and emotional as well. Again, they fear repeating their past mistakes, and hence, it is difficult for them to fall in love again and find their true soulmates.

Who Should Cancer Marry?

Are you one of the Cancerians looking for your true soulmate? Or are you thinking who should a Cancer marry? Keep scrolling to find your answers in the list of top 5 soulmate zodiac signs for Cancer.

Cancer Soulmate Zodiac Signs

#1 Virgo

The very first Cancer soulmate sign is Virgo. Virgos and Cancerians are made for each other pairs. They are connected with each other emotionally and their trust and communication skills match perfectly. Both very well know how to remain interdependent without losing their own identity. They have strong emotional intelligence with each other. In case something goes erroneous, they would work over it by communicating with each other. They love and respect each other a lot which grows deeper as time passes. Their shared loyalty and patience keep them connected. They might not be passionately pairing with each other, but that is what both are fine with. This is something the Cancerians love and cherish about their soulmate and relationship.

#2 Taurus

The next Cancer soulmate on the list is Taurus. Taurus and Cancer are synergistically connected with each other. They have a strong emotional, intimate, and sexual connection. They share good chemistry with each other along with a sense of satisfaction and self-fulfilment. Both love helping each other in achieving and setting their goals. They have many shared factors and similarities which keep their bond strong. Both Cancerians and Taurus might take time in trusting each other and understanding their values, but once they are ready, they are sure to build a strong relationship. Both are physically open and affectionate for pleasing each other no matter how long it may take to have a safe and secure connection emotionally. They share a gratifying life together which makes them perfect for each other.

#3 Scorpio

Scorpio proves to be one of the most loving and emotional soulmates for the Cancerians. As they have many similarities and values in life, they make a match that is made in heaven. They are magnetically attracted to each other and have intensive chemistry as well. They build a strong relationship that is hard to break. It is nearly impossible to physically separate the two zodiacs. Scorpio adds power, strength, and determination to the relationship while Cancer adds a compassionate personality and nurturing. Scorpios are compelling and confident about themselves and their relationships, and this is what the Cancerians love about them. Again, they are quite open about their feelings which helps in resolving all the differences.

#4 Gemini

The next answer to who is Cancer soulmate is Gemini. They prove to be the best soulmates for Cancerians, however, the aspect that makes them different is their counterpart. They carry energetic and explosively intellectual personalities which are very opposite, but that is something that attracts them to each other. They might have differences but they are quite affectionate and are emotionally connected with each other strongly. Both possess striking communication skills which add to their strong relationship. No doubt, it is difficult to tone down or calm a Gemini but Gemini and Cancer make a pair that is fun and crazy when together for complementing the downsides and weaknesses of each other.

#5 Capricorn

The last on the list of Cancerian soulmates is Capricorn. According to some Astrologers, Capricorn, and Cancer might not be good for each other, but they still make a perfect pair. There is a magnetic power between the two zodiac signs which pulls them towards each other in an unexplainable way. Capricorn is an amazing soulmate for the Cancerian as they make a strong couple difficult to break both emotionally and physically. Capricorns are very career oriented and hence, when they plan their career, they see themselves in the life of a Cancer. Both are very loving and caring for a happy future together.

Cancerians love to take care of their loved ones and nurture them as well. They also wish to receive care and respect in return. Hence, all these signs make the best Cancer soulmates for a lifelong relationship.

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