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If you are wondering, ‘what’s my moon sign?’’, the moon sign is a zodiac sign which justifies the position of the moon at the point of an individual’s birth. This can be also defined as the identity’s soul, the individual’s subconscious part that the person usually hides from the rest of the people as opposed to the sun sign facing outward. The moon sign plays a very important part in the individual’s emotional side and hence can be also labeled as the inner child or ‘mushy center’ thus making up for the individual’s emotional inner world. This, on the whole, answers your question,’ What’s my moon sign?’.

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How to Find Your Moon Sign?

To find the moon sign, you need to have the correct information regarding the place, date, and time you were born. As the moon keeps on moving throughout the zodiac, this is the reason why one has to be specific about this. Also, the result for the moon sign will be different from that of the sun sign. Thus, to calculate your moon sign, you can find an online moon sign calculator which will do all the work for you and you will be provided with a moon sign chart as well. Thus, you can calculate the moon sign through the moon sign calculator India has; all you have to do is figure out the right birth time.

Difference Between The Moon Sign and the Sun Sign

Although both the moon sign and sun sign are equally important for figuring out the overall personality of an individual, they are also different from each and hold different but unique and special meanings. In the case of the moon sign, the individual’s innate reactions to the correspondence experiences are exposed while in the case of the sun sign, the individual’s core.

On the other hand, in the case of the moon sign, the individual’s reaction in a private scenario is determined whereas the regular behavior of the same individual is determined through the sun sign. Lastly, one of the major differences is that the moon sign dominates the subconscious side and the basic character and ego are dominated by the sun sign.

When both the moon sign and sun sign are compared, it was found that the moon sign has a lot more influence on an individual’s life than the sun sign does. Additionally, the moon sign possesses a stronger influence as compared to the sun sign.

Benefits of knowing Moon Sign

The moon sign helps in figuring out the astrological sign’s reflective qualities. As soon as you find your moon sign, you can seek the help of the below-mentioned descriptions of the moon sign:-

Taurus moon

Taurus moon sign is termed the sensual sign of the zodiac and people with this sign are considered to be even more satiated by things such as delicious meals, cosy environments, and such.

Aries moon

People who have Aries moon are usually figured out by the hot-headedness signature and such people know what they want and what they don’t.

Cancer moon

Such people with cancer on the moon keep on changing because of the change in the position of the moon. This is why their emotions are always in flux.

Gemini moon

Gemini moon is mainly famous for mercuriality. Its people are people who need a lot of attention.

Virgo moon

People with Virgo moon like to prove themselves to be helpful. Meanwhile, they need soothing now and then because their mind is rarely stable and never stops worrying.

Leo moon

This person is termed to be something of a creative spirit. People of Leo moon sign require attention and result in being famous for some reason or other.

Scorpio moon

People with the scorpio moon sign usually hunt for deep and meaningful connections and are very serious when it comes to privacy.

Libra moon

People with Libra moon usually thrive in partnership and in most cases they may initiate a new romance while being in the middle of one.

Capricorn moon

Capricorn moon may enjoy the leverage by opening up and being vocal about their emotions. This is because they put up brick walls in most cases.

Sagittarius moon

Sagittarius moon must make sure that they don’t complicate the situation whenever there is a case of dominating conversations, pretending to act smarter than other people.

Pisces moon

Pisces moon sign is termed to have absorbed energy and they tend to feel deeply in most cases.

Aquarius moon

Aquarius moon in most cases tends to do the right thing. They will risk doing the right thing even if it means they have to put the greater good on priority over their own needs.


Thus, a deep connection with the moon sign helps in resulting in emotional rewards. These are everything that was there to know about the moon sign. Now that you have all the information, you are all set to find your moon sign.

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