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Cancer Daily Horoscope Wed, 07th Dec, 2022

Today you will get joy of success in your works. Work area will be
dominated by profitable results. Today you will witness an increase in the
pleasure and support from family. Success will be achieved at
exams-competitions and you would take interest in studies.

Cancer (Strength, weakness and characteristics)

The fourth sun sign, Cancer is attached with the Cancer constellation. Cancer born people are born between June 20 and July 22. Cancer is a water sign and its symbol is crab with its sharp claws.

The positive traits of Cancer

The people who belong to this sun sign are extremely sensitive and are deeply related to their family and friends. Spending time with their family is their first priority and giving them time prevents them from completing many other tasks. They overlook many good and bad in order to keep their family together. They are loyal people and tend to remain same until and unless they are hurt badly.

Cancerians are extremely romantic however there is a sense of passiveness in their love. Not getting the things of their likings can ignite the feeling of combustion in them. They provide all the love, care and luxuries of the world to the people they love.

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The Negative traits of cancer

The biggest negative trait of the cancer born people is their shy nature. When they came across some problem, they tend to hide in their shell and do not expose themselves to the world till the universe takes a decision for them. They try their best to avoid the trouble and rock the boat.

Unpredictability is another major negative trait of the cancer persona. It is impossible to predict how they can react to a certain situation or incident.

There are Cancerians who feel sorry about them. Jealousy creeps into their hearts and selfishness and pessimism took over them. They feel sorry for themselves and it ruins their inner peace.

Traits of the Cancer persons


The extremely emotional Cancer people are terribly loyal. When they are attached or committed to a particular thing, they fulfill their attachments and commitments throughout their lives.


The extremely loyal and emotional people prove to be caring partners, parents, sons or bosses. They look after the nitty gritties of the people and remember them for long periods of time.


Cancerians are dependable. They will stand by you in your every thick and thin. Not only as an employee or boss, they are equally dependable in their personal life too. One can easily trust on these people in any situation.


Cancerians are responsive people. They respond to any plea or request made to them at any cost. They do their best to help other people and win their trust.


As cancer is a water sign and people born with this sun sign are not rigid, Cancerians are flexible and adaptive. They adjust and maintain their calm in any condition.


These people are extremely temperamental. With a cancerian, you can never know where his mood is heading and you can never predict the reason behind it. It makes them appear volatile and unpredictable.


Cancer born people are most possessive among all the sun signs. They are quite quick in marking their territories and never let anyone enter into it. They are possessive in their love and materialistic things. Cancerians are touchy about their likes, preferences and belongings.


You can often view these people as selfish and self-centered but it is not true. Their sticky nature may make it appear like that but these people are highly caring and loving.


Cancerians are born narcissists. They love themselves more than anything and their self-obsession in clearly visible in their activities.


Though they appear hard from outside, Cancer born people are as soft and tender like anything. They really suck when it comes to emotions. The over-sensitive people cannot digest failure, rejection or hurt.

In their first outlook, Cancerians does not appear ambitious, but they are too harsh deep inside. They are particularly suited for top jobs and corporate positions. They are quite competent when it comes to handling top positions.

Cancerians have an inborn flair that motivates them to keep learning and enhance their knowledge. Either it is a meeting or a conference; they are well-prepared for the tasks. On the whole, they are one of the best known people in terms of friendship and lending hands for help. Their caring nature makes them popular among the masses.

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