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FAQs for Astrolaabh

1. I recharged my wallet, how do I call astrologer now?

After login/registering with our website, you just need to recharge wallet, select the astrologer you want to consult and enter your mobile number. You will receive call from the astrologer within 2 minutes.

Make sure you keep your mobile phone line free and ready to receive call.

2. I didn’t received call from astrologer after entering phone number in “call now” button, what to do?

Don’t worry. Sometimes it happens that astrologer might busy with another customer. If you don’t receive call with in 2 minutes after requesting call, you can request again.

3. What if my astrologer is offline?

There might be chances that astrologer prefer to offline due to some reasons. You can choose to talk to any other astrologer on call. But if you want to talk to particular astrologer only, you can call our customer care number and check availability of the astrologer(s).

4. Can I talk to astrologer(s) without registering?

No, you must have to register with our website to talk to astrologer on astrolaabh.in. Registering with Astrolaabh is super easy, just click on register now button, fill the details and you can instantly talk to astrologer.

5. Do you accept payments via credit cards?

Yes, we do accept payments via all major credit cards/ debit cards/ net banking/ UPI, wallet payments, Paytm and all other options available to make payments to Astrolaabh.in.

6. I have balance in my account, still not able to make calls, why?

That usually happens when you don’t have minimum balance in your wallet. To make any order with our website, you need to have minimum balance of ₹200 in your wallet.

7. Can I use my wallet balance to talk to any other astrologer?

Yes, for sure. You can make calls to any astrologer/ make any order from your wallet balance to our website.

8. Do we have option to Chat with Astrologers?

As of now we don’t have feature of chatting with astrologer, you can just talk to astrologer via phone.

9. Can I put order from out of india?

Unfortunately, we don’t support calls outside India as of now. But we will soon go international and you will be able to make calls from out of India as well.

10. Can I ask for refund?

Yes, Please read our refund policy and talk to our customer care representative on call.

11. I am trying to make payment but its getting failed, what to do?

Don’t worry. We are here to assist you. Just get in touch with our customer care, they will help you for sure.


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