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Here is the Love Calculator that lets you calculate love compatibility and your chances of a successful relationship.

Online Love Calculator


This everlasting and powerful emotion “LOVE” recreates most of our lives. Yes, many road Romeos turned sincere family men because of this mantra Love. But, shall consider an aspect, Compatibility that really works to pair up any two persons perfectly. Married life is a long-run that needs to be assessed. So, if you are such a person, who have fallen in love, or planning to do love marriage, go for a love calculator test.

It helps in calculating compatibility between you and your loved one. This love tester supports you by doing a love calculator by name. If so, how to go with the name compatibility test? Nothing more to do except provide your names in the respective field. Within a second you can get unrevealed mystery in your love chemistry. Our true love calculator soul mate will predict whether your pair will build the greatest love stories like Romeo-Juliet or otherwise.

This love percentage calculator helps in discovering compassionate percentage on each other. So, if you like to confirm whether he or she is unique, our love compatibility test fetches you the truth.

How does a love meter work?

A Love calculator uses an algorithm for love calculation. While entering two names, this matches the first person’s name against the second person name. It may be a relationship, romance or love. In the same way the second person’s name is matched up with the first person name. Finally, this true love meter finds out the common parameters between both of you. According to this analysis, the love calculator arrives at a conclusion and displays compatibility & percentage. So from this compatibility test, one can easily confirm the chances of a longstanding love relationship.

Wait, wait the story is not over. You can even use a love calculator by date of birth,   where you need to enter your and your loved one’s date of birth along with usual names, genders. As a result, you can get the love percentage of compatibility.

The love calculator brings a score between 0-100%, a love matching indication. It is based on the names, date of birth of two concerned people. A higher score indicates a better match. Like all other love meters, it is also designed. Along with this percentage of love, please follow your heart and mind to reach a perfect conclusion. When your percentage of love goes down with your loved one, do not give up. Take a chance, speak to your partner and go with a wise decision.

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