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Everyone is curious to know about His/Her Past Life. What was I in My Past Life? Everyone thinks about their Past lie Regression.

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Past Life & Vedic Astrology

Hindu religion preferably believes in rebirth. Each one of us was previously born and is going to born again as well. Only the body dies, and the soul changes body one after other. This is a vicious circle in which a soul goes through all the species of living organisms.

We have developed a past life calculator based on Indian Nadi astrology. The calculator will help you calculate and estimate your past life sins.

The information provided is not customized to the specific person, but it is a general overview.
It is advised to use this calculator only if you can tolerate all kind of stuff. The information about your past sins may be disturbing and can hurt anyone’s feelings. There are past life relation calculators that will help you know which relationship or soul is still attached to you.

Benefits of knowing your Past Life

The knowledge of your Past life can help you initiate your healing process at different levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Take a look at its benefits:

Relief from current mental and emotional issues

Knowing about your past will help you to dissolve your fears, stress, anxiety, and phobias. You will know the reason behind, and it will trouble you, in the same way, like before.

Develop conscious control over body

The knowledge of your past relaxes your inner self. It helps you to control your breathing, muscle tension, respiratory issues, and blood pressure. It even prevents panic attacks.

Clear thinking

The removal of fears and stress diminish your worries and allows you to think clearly about your future expeditions. You plan your career with a clear head.

You gain a deeper understanding of the challenges of your life

The problems of your life and tensions are the root and cause of your daily stress and worries. When you know about your past, you gain self-observation and self-knowledge which leads you towards self-healing.

Release limited thoughts and behavior

Knowing about your past liberates you powerfully and expand your thought process. You start thinking positive and implement your positive feelings in your daily life.

Alleviate deep-seated physical and emotional pain

Removal of the roots that attach you with your past life uncovers the trauma. It helps you release your musculoskeletal pain that trouble you rapidly.

Free yourself from the weight of past

Clinging to your past does not solve any problem. Sticking to it troubles you, and you lose self0contentment.

Love flows more freely

When you gain back your certainty and contentment allow love to flow smoothly through your life. It prevents illness as well. When you are in love, your immunity increases and you achieve overall good health.

Release fear of the future

Everyone keeps worrying about your future. The little worrying is a waste of time. Losing your worries will make you more focused, and you will gain many positive things.

Leads to forgiveness

It will help to shift your attitude for your good. You will become more patient and loving. You will start forgiving others and yourself easily.  

A change in perspective

Knowing about your past will help you uncover many details about yourself. These valuable details will help in your healing process, and you will be able to see the world differently. It will give you a new perspective on life.

Positive outlook

Past life regression will help you learn the art of acceptance. You will start understanding and accepting your surrounding world, and it will help you in focusing on and enjoying the present life.

Renewed motivation and willpower

It will help you with the self-determination issues like losing weight, maintaining your exercise schedule, quit smoking, giving up on alcohol or drugs or many other things you desire of.

Dissolve the fear of death

By experiencing your past details, you will learn that you will never die. You will learn the process of incarnation.

Send of immortality

Knowing about your past life will let you know that your soul is immortal and eternal. One never dies soul changes bodies just like clothes. You will see that you have lived before and you will live again. This is like a journey that liberates you from the worries of birth and death. You will experience a new height of support, understanding, liberation, and guidance. Everything you are lies within yourself.