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Kundali is an astrological chart that describes the positions of the heavenly bodies and planets at a particular moment in the space. Similarly, Janam Kundli represents the views of the celestial bodies at the time of the birth of the native. Janam Kundli or the astrological charts are constructed based on the exact birth date, birthplace or birth year of the native.

Online free Janam Kundli software is the fastest and easiest way to get your Janam Kundli.

This online Kundli making software has gained popularity over the years. It is known for providing the most accurate and detailed predictions about an individual’s life.

If you feel enthusiasm about getting precise and exact information, you can put your details in it. It can provide you Janam Kundli by date of birth and time. Do not make any mistake by putting the wrong details or information as it can misinterpret the information.

Why Kundli making should be a vital part of life?

Online Kundli plays a vital role in one’s life. It is significant because it can predict the native’s past, present, and future in the most accurate way. One should get it because; it can help him in numerous ways. Take a look:

  1. Discover life solutions and get remedies based on your birth, time, and place.

  2. It gets you a numerology report based on your numbers, lucky numbers, and date of birth.

  3. Discover the kind of doshas you have in your kundli and get remedial measures based on that.

  4. Understand your favorable and unfavorable period to control your actions.

  5. Know about your radical destiny, Lucky and unlucky number.

  6. Know how to balance your life at the time of the dosha period and lead a stable life.

  7. Understand how the positions of different planets impact your life and how to get tackle the wrong positions and combinations.

  8. Get remedies and solutions based on the positions of your planets.

  9. Get mantras based on your horoscope dosha and chant them during your bad times.

Benefits of Online Kundli

  1. It becomes easy to predict the future with the help of the online Kundli software. You will come to know about the status of your education, marriage, kids, career, and what not. Having sufficient information will help you make the right choices that will further strengthen your position in life.

  2. It helps the native to make a suitable career choice. Your signs and traits help you make the correct decision. You will work hard in the required direction only and will get settled in life quickly.

  3. Online Kundli provides detailed information regarding your personality traits, relationships, career, finance, and other aspects of life. When you know your future, naturally you will proceed in that particular direction and get success.

  4. It helps in making predictions related to the lucky gemstones, lucky numbers, and lucky colors. With the Kundli prediction, one can ensure to wear lucky colors, numbers, and gemstones.

  5. Above all, Janam Kundli provides you ample information regarding your future. It helps you reach the depth of your problem and perform remedies accordingly to make things bearable.

  6. You can talk about the favorable and unfavorable things through your kundli. It will help you to embrace the pleasant things and keep a distance from things that can impact your future and life unfavorably. The same goes with timing as well. You will come to know what time is right for you and how you should start new ventures at that particular time only and how you should avoid bad times.

  7. Your Janam Kundli will help you to determine your strength and weakness. You will know where you lack and where you excel and choose things accordingly in your life. You will avoid your gaps and bear with your strong points. These things play a crucial role when it comes to taste success. Eventually, all of this will help you turn into a better person.

  8. Janam Kundli has a significant role when it comes to your health and diseases. The predictions can tell you which condition can affect you, and at what point in life, you need to take much care of yourself. You will take care of your health and body accordingly and take necessary measures to ignore that particular disease. Also, it suggests you remedies that will help you stay away from such a condition, and you will spend a hale and hearty life.

Steps for Kundli analysis

  1. Kundli analysis comprise 4 steps at a broader level. These four steps are: analyzing, synthesizing, forecasting, and applying corrective measures. Let’s read about these four steps in detail:
    The basic of Vedic astrology horoscope interpretation helps you analyze your Kundli chart or chakra with basics.

  2. It synthesizes the multiple meanings or interpretations using different techniques like divisional charts, Kundli dasha, and other techniques to evolve your life as a whole.

  3. The Kundli analysis forecasts your future events and incidents that are about to happen and change the course of your life. There can be one or more Kundli analysis methods, but, the results of both will be the same.

  4. The last step includes applying corrective measures to improve the quality of your Kundli. It consists of the following corrective actions and checking on malefic planets to enhance the quality of your life.

Initially, the process of Kundli making or online software may not overwhelm you, but as soon as you start with the analysis, you will start believing in the techniques. Kundli interpretation never fails to impress anyone.