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Check Love Compatibility between You and Your Partner. Just Enter Your & Your Partner's details and Get Love Percentage instantly.

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Use this love calculator to calculate your love compatibility with someone you love and increase the chances of a successful relationship.

The answer is analyzed as the percentage. It can range from 0% to 100%. The match is defined in terms of love and compatibility. A higher rate of love compatibility indicates a better match.
If you share a special connection with someone and not sure whether to take it to the next level or not, we will advise you to take this love compatibility test.

This love meter will help you calculate how successful your relationship will be.

This love or arranged marriage calculator will is based on specific algorithms. The love calculator is fun to take the test. It helps in analyzing the love quotient between two people.

Love Calculator by date of birth

It often happens that people love someone and it becomes hard for them to realize whether he or she loves you back or not. Are you looking for an alternate way to find out the outcome of this attraction? This love compatibility by birth date test will give you the long-awaited answers.

The Love calculator will ask for your birth dates of the two people involved in the relationship, you and your partner.

Apart from birth date compatibility, there are other tricks for using this calculator as well as the name of the two persons. However, analyzing the birth dates is the simplest way. The calculator inspects the results of two gives birth dates and explains the results.

How to Test Love Compatibility?


Your birth date reveals the current positions of planets at the time of your birth. Your appointment can conclusively show the probable dates of birth of your prospective partner. If the second date you have provided matches with these tentative dates, your relationship will start under favorable conditions.

If the dates do not match will these tentative dates, your relationship will be doomed since day 1, if love happens between two such persons they would have to fight the entire world to prevail their feelings. The month of the birth of the native also affects his love life and relationship. The month of the birth also indicates how well or bad will be the relationship and how one can improve it.

The love meter marriage based calculations that work on the date of birth also identifies the age gap between you and your partner. Recent studies talk about the ideal age gap between the bride and groom. It is for four years and four months. However, in the words of Mark Twain “Age is an issue of mind over matter.” The understanding, love, and respect between are the only things that matter.

Love meter based on the date of birth is preferred because the comparison of birthdays provides you with the best results. The degree of compatibility is higher with the date of birth. The strictly born couples have kind of same energies, and it makes it easier for them to build compatibility and understanding.

Example results:

The birthday of you two defines that you people contain the same kind of energies. The high-level of energies will keep you going throughout the relationship, and you will always be high on love and understanding. At the later stages of your life, you will realize that this relationship was the best thing that happened to you.

The match between your birthdates defines that you share a complicated relation and bond. You will be fighting the life on uncertainty, and there will be no trust in the marriage. On the whole, it will ruin your life wholly and slowly.

We hope this calculator will help you analyze your results properly and you will thoroughly enjoy it.