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KNOW YOUR Janma Lagna

Birth Ascendant or Janma Lagna Represents the Zodiac Sign, which was rising in Eastern horizon At the Time of Your Birth.

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Your Ascendant (Janma Lagna) is:

Your Ascendant (Janma Lagna) is calculated based on Indian Vedic Astrology.

This Lagna calculator will help you to identify your lagna. Lagna chart or we commonly know it as astrological, birth chart or natal chart, shows the position of the sun, moon and other planets at the time of the birth of an individual.

What is Janma lagna?

 There are a total of 12 houses in a horoscope. Out of these 12 houses, the first house is known as lagna or ascendant. The sign rising from the east at the time of the birth of native is known as the Lagna.

Lagna helps to identify the native’s nature, characteristics, interest, hobbies, problems and qualities. It is believed that the lagna has the power to identify each and everything related to the native.

Either beneficial or malefic, lagna is something that is always desirable. Its importance in terms of astrology is never lost. It represents the pattern of a native’s life and the way he lives.

A few benefits of positive yogas always accompany a strong Lagna and Lagna lord. A strong Lagna is considered a must factor for to live a healthy, wealthy, prosperous and happier life.

There is a shloka that explains that a strong lagna without any malefic aspect in any house of the horoscope and is located under the impact of a beneficial planet, confers long life, virtues and wealth.

Importance of Janma Lagna

The following points will help you to identify the

Lagna calculator is the easiest way to find out a person’s lagna, sun sign and moon sign. Many people have no idea about their sun sign, moon sign and Janam lagna. You also seek information from any astrologer and ask him to find out essentials for you.

Being the first house, lagna is known as the face of the owner of the horoscope. It so much represents the person that one can quickly identify a person’s characteristics from it. It even gives an idea about the looks of the person.

If delved further, the face of the person is a showcase to his abilities and success. What we call body knowledge is parlance to what your lagna tells about your horoscope.   

Although many factors help you predict a horoscope like a moon sign, nakshatra, vipreet yoga, poriborton yoga, neech bhang raj yoga, malefic yoga like kaal sarp yoga etc. but the lagna leaves an underlying impact on every horoscope. All the seven planets Sun, moon, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus – except Rahu and Ketu own 12 houses.

Lagna tenanted by any of these planets has a strong influence on your personality. Sun is known for providing popularity and success, Moon for practical nature, Mars for energy, Jupiter for knowledge, Saturn for sincerity and isolation, Mercury for intelligence and Venus for sophistication.

The effect of lagna on all the planets is defined below:

The Sun: These natives are valorous, hot-tempered, gains paternal wealth and serve the King or government.

The Moon: These natives are fortunate, courteous, sympathetic and wealthy. They gain their resources by dealing in liquid substances.

Mars: The planet represents an adventurous, hot-tempered, righteous and brave person. These persons are prone to injury.

Mercury: It makes the native quite intelligent, learned, famous and honourable.

Jupiter: The native is religious, learned; follow the virtues, famous and honourable.

Venus: The planet makes the native look youthful, handsome, wealthy and popular among ladies.

Saturn: This native will remain troubles by odds and diseases. He will work harder but won’t be able to earn too much money. He will lack happiness; will remain downtrodden and foolish throughout his life. The native will be attracted by senior women only.