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This free online Kundli matching software will help you in deciding the right partner for your life and giving a direction to your life.

Kundli Milan is a science that is sacredly adopted by Hindu culture to lead happy and successful married lives ahead. It plays a vital role in Hindu mythology while one is getting married. According to Hindu scriptures, marriage is a sacred union that is carried out in the universe but planned way before the person is born.

Moreover, arranged marriages are a considerable part of the marriage system of Indian society. Kundli matching plays the role of deciding factor in finalizing the matches.

Horoscope matching for marriage is famous since the ancient Indian times when the sages used to perform this procedure. It is believed that celestial and heavenly bodies have an impact on human lives and influence them profoundly. To live a happily married life, it is essential that the celestial bodies of the future bride and groom complement each other. Online Kundli matching is done to ensure peace, happiness, and harmony in the couple’s married life.

Now, when we know that stars influence our marriage and lives, we can opt for remedial measures to ensure a blissful and harmonious life.

What is Kundli Matching?

Hindu mythology has divided our life into 16 Samskaras or conducting rites. Each samskara is believed to be a crucial turning part of one’s life, and that is why they are respected and celebrated. Marriage is considered to be one of the essential samskara of one’s life.

Marriage astrology includes the comparing of two horoscopes, ensuring the compatibility of two horoscopes. The science is based upon ancient Hindu scriptures, and it proves to be accurate most of the times. Although marriage should be done two similar people with the same kind of choices, yet horoscope matching for marriage gives you a platform to identify such a person and make him the part of your life.

Matching Systems of Astrology

According to Hindu astrology, there are two major matching systems: one is Ashtakoot and second is Dashtakoot. Both the system indicates how celestial bodies can influence the marital life of a person.
The systems suggest remedial measures that can be taken to remove the inauspicious effects of the stars and planets.

Good looks, right family or good reputation, cannot be a guarantee to a happy and perfect life.

Why Kundli Matching?

In this process, the ascendant or lagna plays the native itself, and the 7th house indicates the house of the spouse. We know that the 7th house is the exact opposite, and one may feel some disagreements with the spouse, but they are also a part of your life. Conflicts lead you to live an amicable life. Free Kundli matching is an ancient mechanism developed by sages so that the brides and groom can lead an uninterrupted experience.

What is the Importance of Kundli Matching?

Life is full of sufferings, and having a lovable and respected partner gives you the power to deal with all the issues. Kundli matching is essential because of the direction it provides. These key points describe the importance of marriage:
  • Marriage is not an emotional decision, but moral, religious, and social principles are also associated with it.

  • Marriage is a sizeable potent factor that contributes to the long life span.

  • Our Holy Vedas teaches us how marriage is more superior and fruitful as compared to the life of a celibate.

  • Having a spouse is not merely associated with life’s pleasures and enjoyment. You have a child together, perform household duties, and take care of every member of your family.
Wives are known as the Grih Lakshmi of the family, and happy ladies contribute to happy families. On the contrary, families that cannot keep their ladies happy perish and lose their prosperity.
But, what if the lady of the house is argumentative, adamant and atrocious? How can a person lead a happy life in that case? On the other hand, the boy can also be characterless or strong headed.

What About the Marital Bliss in That Case?

Here the role of Kundli Milan starts. Everyone has some favorable and unfavorable conditions in their life. But, the terms can be in exact sync with some other person. The Kundli Milan helps in pairing an exactly matching pair. An astrologer can easily detect the couple will lead a life of mutual harmony or not.

Following ten points are given utmost importance while making a match.
  1. Dhina: This system of calculation is based on stars. The longevity of the life of the couple, the prospective bride and groom, are calculated in this system.
  2. Gana: Gana represents the happiness and overall well-being of a person’s life.

  3. Mahendra: The system talks about childbirth possibilities and references.

  4. Sthree Dheerga: The form of calculation also describes happiness and well-being.

  5. Yoni: It helps in calculating the overall harmony and balance in human life.

  6. Rashi: It is a form of calculation that derives how much happiness and satisfaction the couple will derive from their children.

  7. Rasyadhipati: It is all about the descendants and riches.

  8. Vasya: In this part, we talk about the love and affection we can receive from the marriage.

  9. Rajju: The longevity of the life of the bride and groom can be calculated through this system of life. Rajju predicts it almost accurately.

  10. Vedhai: Vedhai makes sure that your married life is always free from all the evil powers and evil forces. It nullifies the negative energies of your life.

Gunas also play the full role in the process of Kundli matching. Guna matching is quite standard in our country, and this is what people are mostly aware of.

Mangal dosha and Shani dosha are also considered seriously while making a match. Naadi dosh talks about the problems related to childbirth.

However, an experienced and learned astrologer helps you lead a life free of all these issues. Bhakoot Koota is another essential factor that needs to be calculated, and the astrologer will happily do it for you. So, if you are wondering about when I will get married, it is the right time to visit an astrologer.