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Aaj Ka Choghadiya

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In our Hindu religion, it is believed that any new work should be started in an auspicious time. This auspicious time is called Muhurat. Any work done is auspicious time yields better results. Choghadiya is the auspicious time we are talking about.

Choghadiya panchang is a Vedic Hindu calendar. It is popular because it helps us find the suitable auspicious time for today. It blesses us to bear with a fruitful journey. Choghadiya holds utmost importance in our culture, and they are easy to calculate.

What is choghadiya?

Choghadiya is a Sanskrit work meant from two words: Cho and Ghadiya. Cho means char, and ghadia means moments. Ghadia is popularly known as Ghati. So, Choghadiya means 4 Ghati.
It is the ancient Indian system to calculate time and is quite different from the international network of the time. Hours are known as Ghati. When comparing both the systems, you will know that 60 Ghatis will equal to 24 hours of today. The other difference is that the day starts ranges from 12 am to 12 pm in the modern system, but in the traditional Indian system it begins with the sunrise and ends with the sunrise of next day.

So, in this traditional system, each Choghadiya is consists of 3.75 ghati, that is approximately 4 ghati. There is a total of 60 Ghatis which can be divided into 16 Choghadiya.

Types of choghadiya

There are a total of 7 types of Choghadiya. Each of these 7 types of Choghadiya has its importance. Some of them are auspicious; some are inauspicious, while others are neutral. It makes the process of finding the auspicious Choghadiya easier.

For your convenience, we have classified the choghadiya under these three categories:

  • Auspicious: Amrut, Shubh, and Laabh.

  • Neutral: Chaal

  • Inauspicious: Udveg, Kaal, and Rog.

All the important and new works should be started during Amrut, Shoobh or Laabh Choghadiya. Similarly, all the initiatives should be avoided during Udveg, Rog, or Kaal Choghadiya.

According to our Hindu culture, the day starts with the sunrise and end with the sunrise of the next day. Eight Choghadiya falls under the day and rest of the eight falls under the night. Choghadiya falling between sunrise to sunset are known as day Choghadiya and falling between sunset to sunrise are known as night Choghadiya. We have two categories: Day Choghadiya and night Choghadiya.

How to calculate Choghadiya?

The timings of choghadiya depend upon the timing of sunrise. Even Choghadiya lasts for 96 minutes. Adding 96 minutes to the time of sunrise gives you the first Choghadiya and so on.

Difference between Muhurat and Choghadiya

Muhurat and Choghadiya are almost the same; however, there is a little difference. Muhurats are calculated based on the movement of celestial bodies, while Choghadiya depends on the traditional time calculation system. It tells about the auspicious timings of each day, and muhurat helps us to choose the particular day. There are only one or two muhurats in a month, but there are 16 choghadiya in each day.

Aaj ka choghadiya – Today’s Choghadiya

For example, we are showing up the Choghadiya for the day 19th March 2019. It will help you to calculate Choghadiya in future as well.

The table provides you timings for the Choghadiya today. You can calculate it in the same for any day. Each day, the day starts with different Choghadiya and changes accordingly. You can easily classify them as good or bad. Performing necessary prayers help you gain health and wealth benefits. It also brings prosperity to your life.