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Hello Friends, I am Vedic Astrologer Raja Vyas from Gujarat. I do give consultation on Vedic Astrology, and I have 10 years of experience in Vedic Astrology Consultation. You can consult me for all the below-mentioned category of queries. I have expertise in Marriage consultation, Late Marriage, After marriage problems, Kundli Matching, Deep Horoscope Analysis, Birth time reflection, Child Astrology, Career, and Business Consultation. You can also ask me questions on Long Due Health issues, Education Problems, Government Job Chances, Foreign Trip and for Child Name Consultation. I give consultation in Gujarati, Hindi & English. You can Click on Call me button to start the conversation. Also, you can read the user reviews below.



13 Sep 2019

Very nice Vedic astrologer. It was nice talking to him, quite smooth session.

Sumit Shram null

10 Sep 2019

it was a nice interactive session and all my queries were well addressed by Pd.Vyas.Thanks Alot.

anu null

03 Sep 2019

Not sure if prediction will come true, but very soothing way of speaking and polite.

tanujhunjhunwala null

27 Aug 2019


Mohit Pun null

26 Aug 2019

Perfect future prediction with simple remedies.

Anu null

22 Aug 2019

Raja ji has correct prediction on human nature, his/ her past timings, he also correctly predicted present situation. i am really impressed and this encouraged me to beleive in his pediction, Future prediction yet to experience, once if comes true i will again comment.Thank You


19 Aug 2019

Very nice astrologer. He knows what exactly going on with you. He predicts accurate things.

Pratibha Upadhyay

11 Aug 2019

Jai shree krishna, thank you for the guidance.


10 Aug 2019

Thank you for consulting sir. You are very amazing astrologer with great knowledge.


09 Aug 2019

Once of the best astrologer here. Quite perfect prediction and on the spot.

Atul Mishra

06 Aug 2019

Raja vyas is very good astrologer and i liked astrolaabh's service.

Sikha Chowdhury

31 Jul 2019

very nice astrologer, highly recommended.


24 Jul 2019

Thank you for consulting me, Nice job.

Abhijeet kapoor

24 Jul 2019

Good astrologer to consult, recommended.

Shubham "Shah

24 Jul 2019

Perfect astrologer for marriage life prediction, thank oyu.

amit singh

22 Jul 2019

ok ok hain.


20 Jul 2019

Looking forward to talk again. One of the best astrologer to talk.


20 Jul 2019

Very nice astrologer with good knowledge. Good session.

Kishan Gopal

17 Jul 2019

Very good astrologer for marriage prediction.


17 Jul 2019

The astrologer will give you hopes and confidence about life and also some remedies to avoid the problem!


13 Jul 2019

Excellent astrologer with good knowledge, do consult him.

Prem chand

08 Jul 2019

Very excellent astrologer with good knowledge. Perfect for Govt job prediction.


08 Jul 2019

Very Good astrologer in india.


08 Jul 2019

Excellent Astrologer, Thank you.


05 Jul 2019

Best, thank you sir.


05 Jul 2019

Very astrologer, who can actually address your issue and provide perfect solution. Keep it up sir. You are the best astrologer in India.


27 Jun 2019

He don't waste much and always talks on topics. Looking forward to consult him again.


27 Jun 2019

Very good astrologer with accurate predictions. Highly recommended.


26 Jun 2019

Thank you for your guidance.

vrushali null

26 Jun 2019

thanks you sir.


25 Jun 2019

Thank you for your guidance. Looking forward to consult you again.


24 Jun 2019

Thanks a lot for consultation sir :)


24 Jun 2019

Thanks a lot sir :)


24 Jun 2019

Thank you :)


24 Jun 2019

Thank you for your guidance, looking forward to follow it.


24 Jun 2019

Thank you for your guidance sir. You are the best astrologer.


22 Jun 2019

Thank you Raja ji for your guidance. Looking forward to talk to you again.


22 Jun 2019

Thank you for your guidance Sir. Looking forward to talk to you again.


17 Jun 2019

Thank you Raja ji :)


17 Jun 2019

Thank you for the guidance. You are the best astrologer here.


15 Jun 2019

Very Nice astrologer, easy to communicate, good knowledge.


12 Jun 2019

You got very good astrology Knowledge sir, Thank you for guidance.


11 Jun 2019

Thank you sir.


11 Jun 2019

Best Astrologer.


11 Jun 2019

Excellent and Accurate predictions.


11 Jun 2019

Thank you sir ji


11 Jun 2019

Best astrologer as per experience n knowledge.


29 May 2019

future prediction for my life was so perfect, I like to re-connect with him on phone.


29 May 2019

Astrology is simplified by raja Vyas sir.


29 May 2019

I consulted him for marriage prediction, he was so apt. Thank you.