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Dr. Priaynk Vyas is highly experienced Vedic Astrologer from Gujarat. He has 15 years of experience in Vedic astrology consultancy. He has done Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) from Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology, Kolkata. Astrologer Priyank Vyas has conducted mane workshops and seminars on Astrology in various part of India. You can consult him in Hindi and Gujarati Language. He has deep knowledge of vedic astrology, Consult Dr. Priyank Vyas now. Dr. Priyank Vyas has specialization in problems related to Kundli Matching (not matching kundli's with partner), Marriage related issues, (if you have late marriage, confusion between Love marriage or arrange marriage prediction, After marriage problems), Career, Love / Relationship problems with your partner, Business Partnerships issues, Health Problems, Career prediction, Stock market related issues, Child Education Problems, Government Job predictions, Foreign Trip prediction, Child Name Consultation, Birth time reflection, Child Astrology, property disputes, child pregnancy,



03 Mar 2020

Thank you Pandit Ji 🙏


02 Mar 2020

Best Astrologer here, i am regularly consulting him for life issue, he is always there to help me.


26 Feb 2020

thank you sir, as u told me i will get job by feb, i got it.. i hope ur prediction on my marriage will also become true.


23 Feb 2020

I talked to Priyank sir y'day. He is very good astrologer and i am looking forward to consult him again. Thank you for providing all the remedies.

Kunal Bankar

10 Feb 2020

Hats off to this Gem :)

Ashish Sidana

10 Feb 2020

i really liked the way Dr priyank spoke to me regarding my career and his advice helped me to stay calm n peaceful. i highly recommend him to all.


09 Feb 2020



06 Feb 2020

he is too good got 4 birth charts has been discussed with him he gives perfecf response .


22 Jan 2020

he is very helpful and explain many things about my kundli and also guide me towarda positivity and told about easy remedy for solving problems i am incurring in my life

Girish Bhale

20 Jan 2020



10 Jan 2020

Gives positive advice and very much cooperative .


07 Jan 2020

Best astrologer i ever consulted, he explains everything in detail. Nice.


07 Jan 2020

Thank you for the help sir, Hope the Prediction do come true like the last time. Thank you, Will call you again.


26 Dec 2019

Very nice astrologer with good knowledge. This is best astrology site.


25 Dec 2019

Very nice astrologer, with good knowledge and had very nice experience. Thank you Priyank sir.


11 Dec 2019



18 Nov 2019

Sorry sir, call disconnected due insufficient balance, will call you again.

Rajdeep Dhar

16 Nov 2019

very positive and good

jaydeep joshi

05 Nov 2019

he is very nice and knowledgable.


20 Oct 2019

Thank you for the consulting sir. You are quite honest and soft spoken. Would defiantly consult you again.


19 Oct 2019

Dr. vyas is amazing astrologer. he has so deep technical knowledge, quite amazing.


18 Oct 2019

Priyank sir is amazing astrologer. My business growing all thanks to him. He is very honest and highly skilled astrologer.


17 Oct 2019

I will call you again sir after prediction come true but for as of now thank you for good session. You are very nice astrologer.


16 Oct 2019

Its a treat to talk to Dr. vyas. He is amazing with his astrology skills. Highly recommended.


14 Oct 2019

Very nice astrologer, Dr Priyank ji. He has vast knowledge of astrology, looking forward to learn few more things about my career.


11 Oct 2019

Thank you sir for your consultation. i am looking forward to consult you again. I have more marriage and career related questions. you prediction was quite true. Thank you.


03 Oct 2019

Career consultation is best with dr. priyank. thank you sir.


01 Oct 2019

What an amazing session we had. Looking forward to talk to him again.


27 Sep 2019

He is the best astrologer i ever consulted. highly recommended.


22 Sep 2019

Very nice astrologer with good knowledge.


20 Sep 2019

very nice vedic astrologer.


17 Sep 2019

Very nice astrologer with good knowledge.


10 Sep 2019

Very Nice Vedic Astrologer, Had good session with him.


09 Sep 2019

Astrologer Dr.Priyank Vyas give best prediction and best remedy. He listen carefully my question and give satisfied answer. This app is very nice. Thank you Dr.Priyank Vyas.


04 Sep 2019

Very nice astrologer, looking forward to consult him again.


01 Sep 2019

One of the best astrologer i come across. Good knowledge, good prediction.


01 Sep 2019

Very nice astrologer.