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Acharya Suvendu Sabitri is an Expert Vedic Astrologer with 15 years of Experience in Professional Astrology Consultancy. He also knows Numerology and Tarot Card Reading As Well. He can speak Hindi, Bengali and English language for phone consultation. You can consult him for KP Astrology for your marriage life problems, late marriage, Love marriage or arrange marriage prediction, Government Job predictions, Future predictions. Just click on Call button to Consult Acharya Suvendu Sabitri now.



16 Oct 2019

Good analysis


03 Oct 2019

Good session we had, thank you suvendu ji.


28 Sep 2019

Very nice Astrologer.


27 Sep 2019

Consult him, if you are looking for best kp astrologer.


23 Sep 2019

provided me point to point correct predictions with date and also tell us the exact and true situation without hesitation wether negetive or positive he said everything very upfront which is actually a good thing so if you really believe in astrology so you can plan accordingly as you will get to know all negetive things too. The only drawback that he is lil time consuming but then too you can go for him as the rate is also less from others.


18 Sep 2019

Good Astrologer, Thank you for all the help :)


18 Sep 2019

Had very nice session. He quite close to prediction. Looking forward to talk to him again.


13 Sep 2019

It was good session with Acharya ji.


04 Sep 2019

He is one of the best KP astrologer i ever consulted.

Priya Maurya

02 Sep 2019

HE is very nice astrologer, gives good prediction.


02 Sep 2019

good experience

Babon null

14 Aug 2019


Babon null

09 Aug 2019

bang on

Babon null

08 Aug 2019

Excellent session.

suevndu null

08 Aug 2019


null null

07 Aug 2019