Why Time of Birth is So Important in Astrology?

Vedic astrology strongly believes that the life cycle of an individual depends upon his past ‘karmas’. The past ‘karmas decide Even the time of birth’. Vedic astrology can produce the correct predictions of the life of a person, but it needs the exact birth time, location and year of the birth to do so rightfully. The horoscope of the native is always based upon the accurate date of birth.

Time of Birth & Vedic Astrology

time of birthThe predictions made by astrology are based on native’s zodiac sign, nakshatras, dasha, and divisional charts. It is due to the involvement of so many factors; the calculations are accurate and trustworthy.

The birth time is used to mark the positions of celestial bodies at that time. They play a critical role in unfolding the different incidents of native’s life. The heavenly bodies keep moving, and hence it becomes challenging to mark their position with the time of birth. It has been proven that celestial bodies change their position by 1 degree every 4 minutes — every minute matters.

That is why; it is said that the birth time should be exact and any change in it can deviate the accuracy of predictions. It is a collective agreement between astrologers that they don’t make any prediction without the birth date and time. If not accurate, the native should be able to produce a tentative time which can be 5 minutes here or there.

Each degree and each minute can make a change in the prediction of a person’s personality. Only the exact time can help to locate the precise positions of sun, moon and other planets.

Have you ever seen twins born on the difference of a few minutes? Most of the times, the two differ too much the aspect of their personalities and behavior. They are the living examples of the fact that even a few minutes difference in the birth time can change the whole persona of a person. Only exact timings can result in accurate predictions.

Indian astrologers make predictions with the reference of the moon while the western astrologers take the sun as the reference. The moon changes its position more frequently as compared to the sun. The sun changes its position and moves from one house to another every two hours.

This brief description will help you to predict the characteristics of people based on their birth time.

# Natives born between 12 am to 2 am

People born between these times are eager by nature. Mercury rules their third house and blesses them with a sharp mind and a critical eye. Their big social circle characterizes the native-born during this period.

# From 10 am to 12 noon

These are the most disciplined individuals you will come across. They are so focused towards their goal that they never hesitate to make any sacrifice. Despite being goal oriented, they spend equal time with their families and friends. They are mainly attached to their mothers and respect her as an idol. Their unique features make them unique, and people cannot forget them easily.

# From 4 pm to 6 pm

Natives born during this time like to spend most of their time with the love of their life. They are polite and sensitive people who believe in promoting peace. They are known for their sharp minds and intelligent being. These natives use their tactful skill to become arbitrators.

From 8 pm to 10 pm: These native influence others with their positive nature. They are a kind of light in the darkness. These people are excellent leaders and love to spend their life interacting with others. They are very joyful by nature and are always focused on seeking knowledge.

# From 10 pm to 12 midnight

These people are vigorous by nature and are always in search of experiencing new things. They are determined to achieve peace of mind, and their ultimate target is to stay happy in their life. They know the importance of time, and that’s why they lead a stable life. Their honesty, integrity, and dedication to keep their word makes them stand out in the crowd.

That’s why we say, don’t hurry, go more in-depth and put some efforts to relocate your birth certificate and take a dive into your furniture.

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