Astrology Guide: Difference Between Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Astrology says more information than one’s zodiac sign. The three important signs to be considered are the sun, moon, and rising. Each sign means different things and when integrated, they give a perfect picture of anybody. It is essential to know the differences between these three signs.

what is sun sign and moon sign

The Sun Sign Says About Your Entirety

The Sun occupies mid of our solar system, the moon is the closest celestial matter, and the rising sign represents the inception of one’s astrological map. Many famous astrologers revealed that the sun sign is the only sign that common people are familiar with and many horoscopes are based on the sun alone a.k.a sun sign chart.

The sun sign is calculated simply by using the month and date of birth of a native. The celebrity is the sun in anyone’s natal chart that represents one’s intellectual, identity, and spirit.

The Moon Sign Reveals the Sense of Security and Emotional Values

It is completely aligned with one’s personal life. The only requirement is the date of birth and exact time to detect the moon sign. The moon sign means a lot about emotions and provides awareness of intuition. It closely relates to the emotional side. The Moon sign of an individual confirms what he finds nurturing in relationships and the importance of forming a healthy life. As the moon sign is closely linked to the sense of security, neglecting the moon sign will give a feeling that life is out of control. Hence, the moon sign reminds the required sources so as to feel safe.

From the above, you might be understood that what is sun sign and moon sign.

Now, we shall discuss the Rising sign (or) the Ascendant which is the most important sign in a horoscope. One’s past life karmic effects decide the setting of the rising sign. It has the value of placing every house in a specific position. The rising sign (or) Mask is that one a person wears in public. It represents the physical body along with features and the energy that drives it.

To understand a person entirely, it is better to know his Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. But, it is not an easy job and there are many facets to be evaluated before framing the complete picture of a person.

There are 12 zodiac signs, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique qualities, interests, and perspectives on life and people. It is measured based on the position of the planets, as well as the Sun and Moon at the time of birth. Astrology can give us an indication of a person’s ground characteristics, inclinations, faults, and fears. This science can reveal a person’s basic personality traits, desires, faults, and fears.

The Zodiac sign is also called the Sun sign and it is based on a series of dates that lasts for a month. If anyone born with this date series, he/she is a member of this zodiac sign. We shall see the Zodiac sign dates chart here.

Zodiac Vedic Dates Vedic Name
Aries April 13 to May 14 Mesha
Taurus May 15 to June 14 Vrishaba
Gemini June 15 to July 14 Mithuna
Cancer July 15 to August 14 Karkata
Leo August 15 to September 15 Simha
Virgo September 16 to October 15 Kanya
Libra October 16 to November 14 Tula
Scorpio November 15 to December 14 Vrishchika
Sagittarius December 15 to January 13 Dhanus
Capricorn January 14 to February 11 Makara
Aquarius February 12 to March 12 Kumbha
Pisces March 13 to April 12 Meena

Seeing the given list of sun signs one can find his/her own Zodiac sign. I Hope, the table will be quite helpful for the astro-learners and readers. If someone is asking what’s my moon sign, there are so many online free tools available to check it out. Not only a mere prediction, but the online tools are capable of analyzing the sun moon rising sign also.

If you have a question about what is my rising sign, you ought to know the birth time to determine your rising sign or ascendant. It changes every two hours on average. But it varies based on the distance between the equator and the birthplace. Even your rising sign can be calculated through online free tools. One thing should be noted that, though online tools assess various elements of astrology, it is still better to get the exact prediction from a renowned astrologer to know about your horoscope.

On the whole, an astrologer will notice sun, moon, and rising signs soon after giving your natal chart. It helps in understanding that every human is composed of a basic self (Sun sign), masked self (rising sign). and deep self (Moon sign). The combination of three will ascertain your future, characters, and imaginations.

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