Rahu Ketu Effect on Your Marriage Life

Rahu and Ketu are two nodes in the path of the Moon. They are also known as Chaya graphs (shadow planets) as they their positions but no substances. While the genuine grahas give their light and make us aware, these shadow planets anticipate our life with alarms, fears, hang-ups, and mystery experiences.

rahu ketu

Rahu and Ketu are known for their counterproductive results on married life. According to Vedic astrology and its narratives, these two are malefic planets. However, like every planet they also move on the celestial trajectory in the forward direction, they produce counter results.

These two planets throw a powerful impact on our lives. Both the planets represent the karmic desires of the native. While Rahu indicates towards Moksha and secrecy, Ketu is an indication of selfishness and difficult nature.

Effects of Rahu’s presence in the fifth house

Love affairs are indicated by the fifth house of the horoscope and marriage by the seventh house. Your love story can never have a happy ending if the fifth house of the horoscope in under the influence of Rahu and Ketu. The mahadasha of Rahu lasts for 18 years, and it affects all the interpersonal relations of the person along with his health, business, and marriage.

Rahu affects the native by increasing his personal desires, stimulating sensual passions, forcing extramarital affairs and impulsive marriages. The native can feel naturally repressed and unreasonable.

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Effect of Rahu’s presence in other houses

The native cannot get along his wife if his Rahu sits in the first house of the horoscope. The native enjoys a happy life with its presence in the sex`cond house. The presence of Rahu in the third house represents friction in relationships of native including his marital life. Its presence in the fourth house indicates the difficulties in conceiving, having a child and pregnancy. Rahu in the fifth house can even lead to abortions or health problems to the wife for 12 years if a son is born.

The presence of Rahu in the seventh house causes a troubling marriage if you get married before the age of 21. It troubles the whole family life and produces malefic effects if presence in 12th house.

Effects of Ketu in different houses

When Ketu is present in the first house of the native, it causes health troubles to the spouse. Its presence in the second house can create misunderstanding between two and relationship problems and problems with mother if present in the fourth house.

Ketu’s presence in the fifth house is more dreadful. It creates difficulties with pregnancy and having a child.

The presence of Ketu in the sixth house is complemented by Rahu’s presence in the twelfth house. It will assure a good relationship with family, but the native will lose his health. Ketu in the seventh house is known to create problems with spouse, and it creates a disaster if present in the eighth house.

However, the native need not worry in any case because there are remedies to the counterfeit the malefic effects and has a happy relationship with spouse. The astrologer of astrolaabh will analyze their impact on your karmas and destiny and find solutions for you.

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