What Are the Effects of Rahu Dosha on Marriage?

The planet Rahu holds a significant role in married life. Based on the position of the planet, the native’s problems and married life situations can be analyzed thoroughly. Marriage is being an essential part of human life, ruling out Rahu dosa is mandatory to avoid barriers, unhappiness.

Rahu DoshaGenerally, in Kundli, 7th House refers to marriage, the relationship between a husband and wife, happiness, understanding, separation, or divorce from the spouse. The House also concludes business partnerships. Our Vedic Astrology strongly believes that if anybody has Rahu in 7th House in the natal chart, it will be considered as adverse and inauspicious. It will also bring out negative effects.

When Rahu occupies the 7th place, obstacles, hardships in life, and the inability to find a suitable partner may occur. Though other planets try to reduce the negative effect of Rahu, the problem will never end, because the planet is predominant in that House.

Rahu’s Presence in Different Houses and Its Effects

  • 1st House – the native will not be cordial with the spouse.
  • 2nd House – the native will have a happy married life.
  • 3rd House – the native will feel discomfort in his married life.
  • 4th House– the spouse will have difficulty in pregnancy.
  • 5th House – If Rahu is malefic, it might lead to abortions, and if a son is born to the native, his wife may have health problem for the next 12 years.
  • 6th House – When Rahu is alone, he will not be powerful; His strength depends and varies based on the association of other planets.
  • 7th House – if the native marries before 21 years, it will affect her/his marriage life.
  • 8th House – Rahu gives adverse and malefic effects in the family life.
  • 9th House – Mental problems, health problems may occur.
  • 10th House – Native’s or the person’s mother’s health would be affected.
  • 11th House – Native will not be cordial to his father.
  • 12th House – The person would suffer from mental issues and insomnia.

Significance of Rahu

Rahu dosha effects in marriage not only give adverse changes in one’s married life but also make to have multiple love affairs. It is because the planet works against the marriage tradition.

Love marriages are possible with Rahu dosha effect when Jupiter occupies the situation of Rahu in the ascendant and seventh House. It determines one’s marriage against the will. The Rahu dosha effects in marriage are determined by the planets Saturn, Rahu and Mars in a horoscope, and when it gets related to seventh House, it indicates the marriage against the desires of the parents and family. People who have 7th place Rahu might incur losses in business related to electrical equipment. Presence of 7th place Rahu affects the health badly.

The Effects of Rahu in the 7th Place from Lagna

The 7th House represents war, conflict, and domination. As Rahu occupies the 7th House, the person will not be bold enough to confront his enemies. They will be a lack of courage and often handle unethical ways to succeed in their enemies.

Rahu’s presence in the 7th House is not considered to be good for overall health. They will have some hidden matters or secrets related to sexual activities. It will not be revealed until it turns worst.

A person who has Rahu in 7th place will be short-tempered, lazy, and unwilling to handle the stressed situation, and they will always find difficulties in their professional life. They also have hindrances in education too.

The 7th place Rahu will also affect the third place, which is meant to be the neighbor’s House. So, their relationship with neighbors will not be good.

Vedic Astrology Remedies for Rahu

  • When Rahu affects one’s marital life, the native should keep five radishes on the bedside of the spouse, and it should be thrown in the flowing water body on Saturday morning for five weeks continuously.
  • The native should try to wear dark blue colored clothes as much as possible.
  • The person may feed the dogs regularly.
  • Storing water in the southwest corner of the home also mitigates the planet’s effect.
  • The native may also offer copper related items to the spouse.
  • Adding a cup of milk in the bathing water and taking a bath for 43 days is believed to nullify the planet’s effect.
  • Feeding birds and keeping peacock feathers at home also helps to reduce the malefic effects of Rahu.

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