Today’s Panchang – Aaj Ka Panchang – आज का शुभ मुहूर्त

Panchang is the daily astrological calendar that is based on the Indian calendar. The individuals from the Hindu community and even the astrologers rely on the daily panchang for determining the planetary positions of the day to calculate auspicious timings, vrats, festivals, etc. Today panchang helps in learning essential astrological data in the tabular format.

Today’s Panchang – Aaj Ka Panchang

DateTuesday, Jul 16, 2024
Time05h 30m 00s
City & CountryChennai, India
Latitude & Longitude
013N05 / 080E17
Indian Era
2081 Shak / Samvat 1946 / Kali 5125
Ayanamsa22° 52'
Lunar SignVritchika
Lunar YearKrodhi
Lunar MonthAshadha
Moon PeriodSuklapaksa
TithiDashami ( 10 )
Balance Tithi Duration
Solar MonthKarka
Solar Day1
Current Solar Month Start Date
Samkranti on 16 07 2024 at 22:51:00
Sunrise Time05:38:00
Rahukalam15:00 - 16:30
Yamakandam09:00 - 10:30

Panchang word is derived from the Sanskrit language which means Five Limbs. And as per the Panchang or Sanskrit language, the five limbs here represent the five energy sources, both invisible and visible. For having an accurate panchang of the day, it is important to consider the date, time, time zone, location, etc. Again, it should be noted that there are two types of panchang, namely the drik panchang and the Vakkiya panchang out of which the Vakkiya panchang is said to be the accurate one.

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Aaj ka Panchang also denotes the five elements of the day that is yoga, tithi, nakshatra, Karana, and the vara. Yoga here refers to the luni-solar day, tithi refers to the lunar day, nakshatra refers to the constellation, Karana refers to the half of a lunar day, and lastly, vara refers to a weekday.

The most apposite time which certifies a proper balance of all the five elements is termed as Muhurat. Hence, the panchang is the best to refer to for defining propitious timings for various religious and social events. However, it should be noted that panchang would be different for different locations even though the time would be similar. For example, there can be different panchang for different locations in a country at the same time and day.

Benefits of reading panchang daily:

Reading or even listening today Panchang in Hindi is said to be very auspicious. It is assumed that even Lord Rama used to listen to the panchang daily. As everything was determined on the basis of the panchang, people in ancient times used to keep the panchang clean. Here are some more benefits of reading panchang daily.


  • As per the scriptures, hearing and reciting the dates gives elegance to Goddess Lakshmi. It helps in learning the importance of that particular date and day as well as helps in learning what should be done and what should be avoided on that particular date and day.
  • The astrologers believe that listening and reciting the panchang daily would add to your age. Panchang helps in learning the importance of that vaar.
  • It is believed that hearing and reading about the Nakshatras daily would eliminate your sins. It also helps in understanding and learning about the Nakshatras and the 27 constellations.
  • Listening and reading about the Panchang also include listening about Yog. And this would increase love among the loved ones and keeps them connected without separating them. The 27 yogs help in determining what’s inauspicious and auspicious.
  • When reading or hearing to panchang, you also read about Karana, and this helps in fulfilling all your desires.

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Hence, it is a good idea to go through the panchang daily as it comes with additional spiritual benefits too.

There are various debates on whether आज का शुभ मुहूर्त is true or false. But the fact is that Panchang is based on astrophysical science, and hence, it is true. Panchang is prepared after detailed calculations of the movements of the sun, constellations, moon, and all the planets. Again, there are various types of panchangs based on books written by different astrologers in India.

Even best astrologers use panchang for supporting sone calculations in the form of a predictive technique. This might be surprising, but even the scientists at NASA are found referring to the panchang today for accurate predictions of the astronomical events which also include the lunar and solar eclipses.

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