What are the Rahu Mantras to Get Benefit from Lord Rahu?

According to Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are two hypothetical planets of astronomy. Both of these planets have a distinct, profound and predictable effect on the lives of human. They are considered as nodes or shadow planets (Chhaya grah).

lord rahuOf all the nine planets, Ketu is the only one that is considered as ‘rogue.’ The planet signifies morally wrong things. Stealing, lying, gambling and being evil everything indicates towards the presence of Rahu. Though Ketu is always paired with Rahu yet, it does not produce equally malefic effects.

Since Rahu plays an essential part in one’s horoscope, it is crucial to keep it positive for a happy and prosperous life. These powerful mantras will ward off the malefic effects of the planet.

#1 Rahu Beej Mantra

Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah

Meaning: The beej mantra is composed of sounds that correspond to the wavelength of Rahu.

#2 Rahu Mantra for regular prayer

Ardakayam Mahaviryam Chandraditya Vimardanam Singhika Garba Sambootam Tam Rahum Pranamamyaham. 

Meaning: The native says that he is paying his respect to Rahu who has half body and great powers. He is the one who has conquered the Sun and moon and is born out of lioness.

#3 Rahu Gayatri Mantra

Om Naakadhwajaaya Vidmahae Padma Hastaaya Dheemahi Tanno Rahu Prachodayat

Meaning: I concentrate on the one with a snake in his flag and meditate on the one with a lotus in his hand. Let Lord Rahu illumine my intellect.

#4 Rahu Shanti Mantra

Om Rahuve Devaye Shaantim Raahuve Kripaye Karoti Rahuaaye Chamaaye Abhilaashat Om Rahuve Namah Namah

Meaning: Oh Lord Rahu, I pray to you that you need to be peaceful to me, forgive all my sins and bless me with compassionate grace.

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How to chant Rahu Mantra?

Follow these instructions while chanting Rahu Mantra

  • A rosary is must if you are going to chant the Rahu mantra. Prefer getting up early in the morning, take a bath and make it a routine.
  • There is an ideal number about how many Rahu mantras should be chanted in a definite period. You must be able to chant the mantra 18000 times within a period of 40 days.
  • While chanting the Rahu mantras and performing the pooja, it is considered auspicious to use sandalwood and blue flowers.

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How to chant the mantras?

  • The mantra chanting should be started on a Saturday of Shuklapaksha that is bright half of the lunar month.
  • Chant the mantra sitting in the front of a picture or yantra of Kali or Durga. It enhances the power of mantras and helps you achieve the desired results.
  • It is preferred to stay vegetarian during the time you are chanting the mantras.

What are the benefits of chanting Rahu Mantra?

  • Chanting Rahu mantra regularly has the power to convert your enemies into friends.
  • It helps in increasing your social status and makes you a master of the charismatic powers. You can use these charismatic powers to influence others and establish yourself as a supreme personality.
  • Completing one cycle of the mantras will remove all the obstacles from your path of success and eliminates the fear of accidents. It keeps you safe and you and lets you enjoy a happy life.
  • Chanting Rahu mantra daily protects you from the malefic effects of Rahu present in your horoscope. It will never cause you any problem in further life.

From this article, it is clear that the afflicted position of Rahu can ruin your life in many ways, but the Rahu mantras are powerful enough to control that effect and lead you towards a prosperous life.

What is the Difference Between Sun and Moon Sign?

Are you stuck in an irony? Your sun sign is Gemini, but you never felt like one. Instead, you are an emotional, family-oriented man who is quite moody. It is your cancer moon. What is this difference between? Are you a Sun sign or a moon sign? Or both?

To understand the difference between the two, you need to understand what these both signs are.

What is a Sun sign?

The position of Sun at the time of your birth indicates your sun sign. Ranging from Aries to Pisces, a person can belong to any of 12 sun signs. Each sun sign has a ruling planet, and it influences the overall personality and traits of a person. The planetary influence on a person goes a long way impacting his personality. For instance, the sun signs like Virgo and Gemini have Mercury as their ruling planet, and it makes them curious, intellectual and analytical.

Aries which are ruled by Mars are usually drawn to challenges and excitement. Their ruling planet makes them forthright and bold by nature. Leo is ruled by the planet Sun, and they have a habit of enjoying superiority. They have a kind of gravitational pull that can attract others towards them. Capricorn being ruled by Saturn is of restricted and stifled nature and often needs others’ assistance to sort itself out.

What is a Moon Sign?

The position of the moon at the time of your birth is equally important. When taken into consideration and taken account of, it turns out to be the moon sign of the native. Just like the Sun, the position of the moon at the time of our birth also influences the inner personality of the person. The position of the moon is known to affect the character, emotions, subconscious behaviour and instincts of a person.

Let us understand this with an example. Aquarians have an in-born erratic sense of revolution invention and humanitarianism in them, but if the same person has a Scorpion moon, his Aquarian traits will be balanced by the need of personal space, spirituality and passion.

The same goes with the combination of Taurus and Capricorn combination. The pleasure-oriented and dependable Taurus sign natives become great disciples with a Capricorn moon. It enhances their willpower and structure as well.

The case is quite interesting with Sagittarians. They are fiery people with a strong desire to explore. It is impossible for them to sit cooped for a longer time. When paired with Piscean moon, their desire becomes dreamy, and they become passive.

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The Difference with a sun sign and a moon sign

sun sign moon sign

  • Where the Sun informs about the primary personality, character, will and ego of a person, the moon defines our sub-consciousness and emotions. Sun talks about our fundamental personality and moon talks about the instinctive one.
  • You only need to know the exact date of birth to know the sun sign of the person whereas the moon sign can be known if you know the exact date, year, location and time of the birth.
  • The Sun takes complete 12 months to roam in the 12 different zodiac signs whereas it is different for the moon. The moon moves quickly and stays in a zodiac sign for around 2 and a half days.
  • The astrological predictions of the Sun are valid for one month only while the moon sign predictions last for longer.
  • If you want to know a generic overview of the personality of a person, you should opt knowing its sun sign and its predictions. The moon sign talks divulge in a person’s inner workings and untapped potential.
  • Moon sign predictions are known to be more accurate and precise as compared to sun sign predictions.
  • Two people with the same sun sign can have the same personalities, but it is not necessary for two people with the same moon sign to have identical personalities.

Finding complete information about the sun sign and moon sign of the native helps him to reveal his strength and weakness. It helps him to use his strengths more accurately and mesh the differences. Knowing the combination of his inner and outer self helps the native to gain a better understanding of him. He becomes more driven, bold and restless.

What is Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga? – Importance of Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga in Astrology

Neecha Bhanga Raj yoga is said to be one of the most powerful yoga in astrology. When the person has this raj yoga in his natal chart, he owns familiarity, prosperity, powerfulness, and virtuous. The effects of the debilitated planets make the person strongly willed. This negative experience sculptures the person and his energy in a proper direction, and it helps him to achieve success. The word itself has two split words. Neecha Bhanga means cancellation of debilitation and Raj yoga means a combo of prosperity and authority.

neecha bhanga raja yogaNeecha Graha is the placement of any planet in its debilitated sign, and the Planet will not result well. When the malefic influence is reduced due to the planetary alignment, and the weakness of Neecha Graha is recovered, then this position is called as Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga.

How does Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga Form?

  • If the exalted Planet of the sign in which it is debilitated is in the center from the ascendant or the moon.
  • If the debilitated Planet in a sign is with the exalted Planet in the sign/influences the debilitated Planet.
  • If the planet lord is debilitated and the planet lord is exalted are in the center.
  • If the debilitated sign lord and the exalted sign lord are in the center from the ascendant or the moon.
  • If the Sign lord influences the debilitated Planet of the same sign.

How to check Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga in Kundli?

  • If the debilitated Planet is associated with the exalted Planet.
  • If the debilitated Planet is exalted in Navamsa Chart.
  • If the debilitated Planet is aspect by another debilitated planet.
  • If the debilitated Planet occupies the lord of the sign and the lord of the exaltation sign of the debilitated Planet be in a quadrant from the Moon sign.

Effects and Benefits of Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga

The impact of this yoga is seen during the dasa and bhukthi periods of the grahas that combine to produce this yoga. If the Lagna lord or the 10th lord is involved, then the results would be experienced throughout one’s life. In the beginning, a planet in the debilitated position will not provide good results, but during its Dasha-Antardasha period, it gives extraordinary results.

If a person has Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga in his/her kundali, his present condition and poverty do not matter. One point is damn sure that she/he will become a successful person in her/his life.

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Celebrities with Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga

This interesting yoga first gets Neecha stage, and then the Bhanga stage starts finally ends with Raja yoga. This final stage occurs almost after 36 years. For this, the affected Planet should be angular in shape from ascendant. The debilitation termination occurs when the owner is angular from the moon, or it joins the harmful Planet.

Rules for Neecha Bhanga are:

  • When a neecha graha occupies a Kendra.
  • When a debilitated planet holds a Kendra.
  • Presence of the strong lord of the neechha graham.

When is the debility canceled?

  • The sign lord where the Planet gets exalted is in Kendra.
  • The current house lord where the Planet debilitated and the sign lord where the Planet is exalted are located in mutual kendras.
  • From the moon or lagna, the Planet becomes exalted in the current sign.
  • The debilitated Planet is exalted in Navamsha chart.
  • The neecha planet is free from retrograde and not in any dusthana.

One thing should be remembered the Neecha bhanga is a cancellation of debility and not exaltation.

How to Check About Your Past Life? – Past Life Regression

Hindu religion and Vedic astrology believe in the principle of reincarnation. This is a religious and philosophical concept that the soul liberates when the body dies and enter into a new body either it is human, animal or insect. It is believed that the present life of human being is the result of its previous course of life and action. The above gives calculator will help you analyze your past life birth details.

past lifeWhat have you been in your past life? An astronaut, pilot, businessman or actor? Or a pioneering king? Would you like to uncover this truth?

Discovering your past life can be quite easy and exciting. It is fun to find out about your past life.
Though it is easy and relaxing yet, it can be dangerous and traumatizing for a few persons. Unraveling your past in front of you can make your life difficult as well so one must be cautious.
We have mentioned a step-to-step guide that will help you uncover your past, and you would not even lose your charm.

Prepare your room: Temperature is the first thing you need to take care of. Make sure your room is neither too hot nor too cold. Draw the curtains to block any extra light. Turn off the TV or radio and your phone. Also, turn in some noise generator, the noise loud enough to mask any internal noise. You can choose one of these two settings:

  • The white noise that sounds like some TV tuned without any channel.
  • Brown noise, the sound that can bring some ocean waves into your mind.

This thing can be reflected in Past Life Calculator, do try it.

Relax your mind and calm yourself: Choose the darkened room and sit or recline in it, away from your family and friends. Choose the time slot when you feel relaxed, and your mind is alert. If you are hungry or have overeaten, or a song is stuck in your account, you will find it hard to concentrate.

Relax your body: Choose a place for self-hypnosis and kick back there. Relax your body and prepare your mind for further journey.

Prepare yourself: Close your eyes and lay down in a comfortable position. Lie on your back with hands on your side and choose a protective light to bathe yourself in.

  • Imagine that you are covered in white light. Observe the light from the eyes of your brain and imagine that it has included most of the parts of your body: your feet, legs, thighs, torso, arms, back, and neck. This white light will protect you from all the negativity. You will feel covered in warmth and enlightenment. The dazzling mystic will protect you from all the bad.
  • Feel the light and invite it to cover yourself. Repeat the words “I am breathing in a powerful protective energy. The energy is building around, and the aura will protect me in any way.
  • Say this five times for five inhales. Concentrate, visualize and feel the energy. It will make you powerful and bright. You are ready for the next step.

Begin your energy: Imagine that you are standing in a long hallway with a large door at the end. Imagine the little details of the entrance. This path will take you towards your past.

Walk down your hallway: Start moving towards the door of the entrance. Visualize the smell in the room, the air, your steps and the color of the light.

Finally, when you reach the door, hold the knob. Feel the texture of the knob; see yourself doing it. Gently turn the knob, take a breath and push the door gently.

Welcome a past life: The door has leaded you in your past so you must accept the things you see.

  • You will see a yellow light, and it will become your carpet. Build your imagination over it. As you walk deeper into this yellow light, you will feel it turning into the sunshine.
  • Slay off your every doubt because this light will help you reach your destination.

Be patient: If you see something, try thinking about it. Feel if it was a happy time you enjoyed once. It is maybe something related to your hobby, skill or traveling a destination.

  • If you do not see anything, try the shoe thing. Imagine yourself wearing a shoe and relate the story attached to it. You might see sandals or see yourself wearing a particular dress.
  • If you see yourself with a family, try exploring it more.

Accept what you see: You will feel that you imagine these things. Try to accept it as part of your past life. Trying, again and again, will bring you closer to your past. You will start seeing the bits and pieces of your past life.

Return to the present: Don’t only run out of the steam until you observe awful and unpleasant memory. Stop triggering the images and scenes will stop coming in your mind. Just open your eyes to stop everything if you find something disturbing. Otherwise, follow this process.

  • Imagine that you are walking back through the doorway. Open the door and cross the hallway. Reach your starting point, and you will feel refreshed.

We hope you will be able to trace your past this way. Just be patient and calm during the process and you the memories of your past will reach you.

Why You Must Check Your Daily Horoscope?

When I was a kid, horoscopes used to be a vital part of newspapers, magazines and daily news. I was always fascinated by them as a child, but they were not that popular. They have never been this much popular ever. What do you think why horoscopes are gaining so much popularity? There must be some reason behind it.

While reading the horoscope, you will realize that there lie some common threads between a person’s astrology sign and his personality traits. Our astrology or zodiac sign is the most critical factor when it comes to future predictions. The movements of celestial bodies and planets decide the course of your future.

Top 5 Benefits of Checking Daily Horoscopes

It might be difficult for you to believe in astrology and your future predictions, but the odd burst activity of checking your horoscope daily can change your viewpoint towards this system. All the subtle events and predictions will make you scratch your head in confusion and agony and in that case you would not take time to realize that horoscope may provide you clarity.

Check Your Daily Horoscope Here

daily horoscopeMoreover, a daily horoscope is a chance to throw the blame for all the mundane activities you come across on some planet. Even the thought is oddly comforting.

Your daily horoscope is an excellent way to feed your curiosity. Apart from killing your curiosity checking your zodiac sign predictions daily will benefit you in the following directions.

#1 Manage relationships

Love, life, relationships, marriages and affairs, everything is complicated. The differences in the thought and behavioral process of humans make it even more difficult. The description of 12 zodiac signs makes it easier for people to understand the person they love or are living with. Knowing the behavior helps you o understand the complications of your relationships in a much easier way.

Daily horoscope tells you which zodiac sign is compatible with which particular sign. It helps you in terms of marriage, love, and friendship. This way you will be able to sustain your relationship in long-term and deal with the strengths and weakness of each zodiac sign.

#2 Career clarity

Children are always confused about which career path to follow. Youth remains unsure about their life and career choices. Astrology can majorly help them to streamline the process of their career.

Reading the horoscope daily will help the students and youth to analyze their interests based on their zodiac signs. It will help them to create a clear picture of their abilities, what they have and what they deserve.

For example, the natives with Scorpion zodiac sign are advised to follow the path of forensics, private investigations, researcher, surgeon, sex therapist or an artist.

#3 Finances

Are you worried about the finances of your business? If you are unable to collect your payments in time, checking your horoscope daily can be a great help. It might tell you when your next big cheque is arriving. Imagine you have got your payment but you don’t know how to invest it and gain a return on investment. Astrology will help you in this aspect as well. It will give you an idea to manage your finances effectively and invest or reinvest them.

Daily horoscopes prove incredibly beneficial for investors and executives as it may assist them in making crucial decisions wisely. It can also be used as a spending guide.

#4 Future predictions

One is always curious about what the future has stored for them. Checking your horoscope or talking your astrologer can be a great help. Horoscope addresses encounter of all the zodiac signs that a native will come across in his life. The notions will help you newly open up new perspectives in your life. It will also reflect you all the challenges of your life, and this reflection will help you decide the course of your future. Take it as a warning to avoid the potential risks in your future.

#5 Manage work

Do you need guidance about how to deal with your boss or colleagues? Your daily horoscope will help you manage your work relations easily. Just like any other person, your boss also has a zodiac sign. Reading his daily horoscope will give you ideas about how you can impress him. You can analyze a few tricks and tips that will always work.

Think about it. How beneficial it can be adding this simple task of checking your horoscope in routine can change your life. It can save you from lots of troubles and make your life simpler.

So, these are the benefits of reading the daily horoscope. Astrolaabh.in provides Free daily horoscope. Yes, you can visit our horoscope page and Read Today’s Horoscope for free, Daily. And if you have any concern to discuss with astrologer, you can consult the astrologer on the phone.