What is Nadi Koota & Its Importance?

Nadi Koota describes three doshas, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It predominantly influences on the psychological matching of the couple and also matches their hereditary factors. It is highly considered for children health also. Adi, Madhya, and Antya are Nadis in Astakoota. In Ashtkut method, eight different topics are assessed, and points are calculated for each topic.

 Ashtkut  Varna  Vaishya  Tara  Yoni  Maitri  Gan  Bhakoot Nadi  Total Points
 Points  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  36

In this method, Nadi gains maximum points 8. Here 27 Nakshatras have been divided into three nadis.

 Nadi Nakshatra
 Adi  Arda, Aswini, Hasta, Jyeshta, Moola, Poorvabhadra, Punarvasu, Satabhisha, Uttaraphalguni
 Madhya  Anuradha, Bharani, Chitra, Dhanista, Mrigasira, Poorvaphalguni, Poorvashadha, Pushyami, Uthharabhadra
 Antya  Aslesha, Krittika, Magha, Revati, Rohini, Sravana, Swati, Uttarashadha, Visakha

8 is the maximum points to score in Nadi Koota!

Nadi koota - nadi doshaIf both the partners belong to different Nadis, then the Kundli matching is considered to be excellent and auspicious. Here such Kundli scores 8 points. The couple will have a quiet and understanding married life. If the partners belong to the same Nadi and the score is zero, then the matching is considered to have poor suitability and inauspicious. The zero score indicates Nadi Dosha. When Nadi dosha couple marries, the result would be severe, and it may be equivalent to death.

One of the significant effects of Nadi dosha is the weak health of you or your children, and they may have serious health issues. Nadi dosha affects the love and attraction between the partners that ultimately causes conflicted life.

Nevertheless, Nadi dosha can be ignored or canceled if:

  • The Zodiac signs of the partners to be married are identical; though the partners belong to the same Nadi along with the same zodiac moon sign, then Nadi Dosha is considered as Canceled.
    If both the partners have the same janma nakshatra with different charan, then it is considered to be the cancellation of Nadi dosha.
  • Doshas are categorized on the caste basis according to shastra. I.e., Nadi dosha for brahmana, Gana dosha for Vaishya, varna dosha for Kshatriya and Yoni dosha for Shudra.
  • Chintamani astrology predicts Nadi dosha is canceled in the presence of Kritika, Pushya, Shravan, Rewati, and Uttarabhadrapad, of Rohini, Mrigshira, Ardra, Jyeshtha nakshatras.

Nadi Dosha and Types

  • Aadi Nadi Dosha: and it has a cold and dry tendency.
  • Madhya Nadi Dosha: and it has piit nature.
  • Antya Nadi Dosha: and its nature is courteous and oily.

Aadi Nadi Dosha

If a person with Vaat Nadi marries with the same Nadi person, due to fickle-mindedness, they will have a lack of sense of dedication. Excess vaat dosha may be found in children if such persons get married, that’s why it is advised not to marry if both boy and girl have Aadi Nadi.

Madhya Nadi Dosha

Madhya Nadi represents acidity. Hence, if a boy and girl from Madhya Nadi marry, then their relationship will not be subtle. There will be a continuous quarrel between them that might lead to divorce finally. Such a pair will fail to have progeny, and the girl will face frequent abortion and miscarriage.

Antya Nadi Dosha

When this cough natured boy and girl marry, there will be a lack of sensuousness and passion between the couple. Though they are calm natured persons, they will be having a lack of cooperation and harmony.

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How can Nadi Dosha be removed?

To remove Nadi dosha, the following are highly recommended both before and after the marriage of partners.

  • Use remedial gemstones or astrology yantra.
  • Conducting a grand Nadi nivaarana pooja.
  • The proposed girl has to marry Lord Vishnu first; then she shall marry her desired person.
  • Following mutual understanding, maintaining peace, generosity in the married life.
  • Donating clothes, grains, cow to the poor people or poor Brahmin families.
  • Reciting Mahamrityunjaya mantra for the prescribed number of times.

Follow the remedies given to get rid of nadi dosha and for more information about nadi dosha, you can talk to the best astrologer in india on astrolaabh website.

For genetic diseases, there are numerous remedies. These are called hereditary diseases. Nadi matchmaking for the bride and groom in astrology should be done before marriage to prevent such infections. The Trinadi matchmaking helps in preventing abnormalities in children. Hence, before marriage, it is quite essential to check the Nadi astrology for any Nadi dosha, remedies, and cancellation. Consulting the best astrologer is the better way to shape your life peacefully.

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