Mundan Muhurat in 2023

All the Vedic Sanskars or Hindu traditions are based on some scientific grounds. Any human goes through 16 Sankars in his/her life at different stages. And every Sanskar comes with a logical explanation.

Today, through this article, let’s discuss Mundan Sanskar which is also termed Chudakaran Sanskar, Jadula, Chaul Karma Sanskar, Chura Karma, Kar Sanskar, etc. This Mundan sanskar comes with its own moralities and rituals according to different castes.

Mundan Muhurat in Janury – February 2023

Date Mundan Muhurat Start Mundan Muhurat Ends
23rd January (Monday) 07:13:30  31:13:31
27th January (Friday) 18:37:31 31:12:03
01st February (Wednesday) 07:09:41 14:04:46
03rd February (Friday) 07:08:33 19:00:45
15th February (Wednesday) 07:42:28 24:46:57
24th February (Friday) 06:51:56  24:34:13

Mundan Muhurat in March 2023

Date Mundan Muhurat Start Mundan Muhurat Ends
02nd March (Thursday) 12:44:05 33:14:17
10th March (Friday) 06:37:15 21:45:39
23rd March (Thursday) 14:09:12 30:22:22
24th March (Friday) 06:21:13 13:22:48
27th March (Monday) 17:30:08 30:17:43
31st March (Friday) 06:13:06  25:57:53

Mundan Muhurat in April 2023

Date Mundan Muhurat Start Mundan Muhurat Ends
07th April (Friday) 10:23:21 30:05:05
10th April (Monday) 13:39:56 30:01:46
24th April (Monday) 08:26:47 26:07:31
26th April (Wednesday) 11:29:16 29:45:21
27th April (Thursday)  05:44:25 13:40:19

Mundan Muhurat in May 2023

Date Mundan Muhurat Start Mundan Muhurat Ends
05th May (Friday) 05:37:36 21:39:57
08th May (Monday) 05:35:18 18:20:52
11th May (Thursday) 14:37:28 29:33:12
17th May (Wednesday) 07:39:01 22:30:09
22nd May (Monday) 05:26:59 10:36:58
24th May (Wednesday) 05:26:09 27:02:22
31st May (Wednesday) 06:00:26 13:47:28

Mundan Muhurat in June 2023

Date Mundan Muhurat Start Mundan Muhurat Ends
01st June (Thursday) 13:40:49 29:23:38
08th June (Thursday) 05:22:38 19:00:51
09th June (Friday) 16:22:54 29:22:36
19th June (Monday) 20:10:49 29:23:15
21st June (Wednesday) 05:23:37 15:10:57
28th June (Wednesday) 05:25:29 29:25:29
29th June (Thursday) 05:25:48 16:30:28

Meaning of Mundan Sanskar:

According to Hindu traditions, the Mundan ceremony is celebrated when the child’s head is shaved for the very first time. Through this ceremony, the teachings of cleanliness are given to the child. The Mundan ceremony is basically carried out when the child is either one or three years old. Where in some regions the Mundan ceremony is carried out for only male children, in other regions, it is carried out for both male and female children.

As per the religious manuscripts, a human body is obtained by a soul after it goes through 84 lakh yonis. And every yoni comes with its impact on human birth. Hence, the Mundan ceremony is a gesture of purifying the human body from the impact of previous yonis by shaving the head.

Importance of Mundan Sanskar:

The first haircut or mundan is done for the purification of the child. Apart from this, here is the list of different reasons that reveal why a Mundan ceremony is important.

  • It helps in eliminating the negativity of the past lives of the baby.
  • It grants a good future and a healthy long life to the baby.
  • To protect the child from any evil eye.
  • It cleans the soul and body of the child.
  • It helps in keeping the head of the baby cool, especially in summer.
  • It helps in easing the pain and headache the child might face during the process of teething.
  • It improves the hair growth of the baby.

The Mundan ceremony is henceforth a ritual that eliminates all the bad Karma from the past life. Again, the intelligence of the human body develops the most in infancy days. And this ceremony triggers knowledge and intelligence in the child.

Why require a Shubh Muhurat for Mundan?

Mundan ceremony cannot be done any time, any day. This is an important Sanskar or ceremony, and hence, a Shubh Muhurat is checked for carrying out the ceremony. The mundan ceremony is considered one of the important Sanskars after the child’s birth. Hence, a Shubh Mundan Muhurat is selected for performing the rituals.

The ceremony is performed in any odd year like the 1st year, 3rd year, 5th year, or 7th year after the birth. This is because even years are not considered to be auspicious for the ceremony. Again, on the Mundan day, the Sun should have its transition on Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, or Capricorn zodiacs which is termed very auspicious. The ceremony should also take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays as these are considered favorable days for this ceremony. The lunar days are also considered to be favourable for this ceremony, and hence, it should be planned on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, or 13th days or Lunar days of the month.

Ascendant is also one of the important factors to consider while checking the muhurat of the Mundan ceremony. All the ascendants are considered to be favourable except for the 8th sign from the Moon signs in the Kundali of the child.

Henceforth, the Mundan ceremony is an essential Sanskar which if completed at a tender age confirms healthy hair growth for the children according to their physical attributes.

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