Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage Astrology Prediction Calculator

Love or Arranged! Are you eager to know about your marriage? Want to know at what age will you find your life partner? Generally, people look for love or arranged marriage calculator available online to get the answers to all the above questions. No doubt, such calculators might give some idea regarding your marriage possibilities, but there are still other ways of determining how will your marriage be and the possible date of your marriage.

As per the Vedic Astrology, marriages are made in heaven. And when any native is concerned about their marriage life, astrology is the right place to have the correct answer. The stars, planets, and other divine bodies have an impact on both love and arranged marriage. Both have been an important part of Indian societies for decades. Arranged marriages are a part of the rich culture in which the parents take a final decision regarding marriage. Some also match the Kundalis of the boy and girl in this process. While in love marriage, the boy and girl fall in love with each other, understand each other’s nature, spend time, and finally decide to get married.

Will I have love or arranged marriage? Are you also thinking about this? Here is a detailed view of both as per Vedic Astrology.

Arranged Marriage Astrology:

For marriage, the primary determinants are the 7th house and the 7th Lord. Again, for males Venus planet, and for females Mars and Jupiter’s planets are essential in determining the marriage. If all of these are placed properly and powerful, marriage is destined. Along with the 7th house and the 7th Lord, the 2nd Lord and 2nd house should also be considered for love or arrange marriage prediction. Another thing to note here is that if the 2nd house, 11th house, and 7th house lord are well-connected with each other, the marriage is sure to be a success.

As per astrology, if the 2nd house, 7th house, and 11th house lords are having any kind of relationship with the Moon or the Sun, the marriage is surely going to be arranged marriage, fixed by the parents. If the Venus planet is connected in any way with the 4th or 9th house or lord, the parents would arrange the marriage. The same result would be obtained if the Venus planet has any kind of connection with the Moon, the Sun, or its benefice planets.

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage

While checking out the female horoscopes, the strength of the Mars planet should be considered. If the 2nd, 7th or 11th house or lords have any connection with this planet, the brothers would help in fixing an arranged marriage. If the same happens with Jupiter planet, an elder from the family would be fixing the marriage, while if it’s with Mercury planet, a maternal uncle would be helpful.

Love Marriage Astrology:

As per love marriage astrology, the 5th and 7th house or lord are essential for love marriage as they symbolize love, romance, and marriage. The position of the planets and their influence on the 5th and 7th houses or lords reveals the type of love marriage. If the 7th house or lord is connected with the Moon, Mars, or Venus, it would result in love marriage with your choice.

Similarly, if the 7th house or lord is in the 5th, 1st, or 12th house, you are sure to marry an individual you would know before marriage for long. If Venus is found having a position in the 12th, 10th, 8th, 7th, 5th, or 1st house, you are sure to move ahead towards love affairs and the combination of the planets also results in love marriage. The next on the list is the Moon which has an impact on our thinking and acting. If the Moon is found under the phase of Mars or Venus or is in connection with the 5th house, 7th house, or 12th house, it adds to the interest in the opposite sex and hence results in love marriage with the person you love.

Time of Marriage and Married life:

Apart from love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth, the marriage calculator and the astrology also help in determining the time of marriage as well as the life after marriage. The positions of the planets in the birth chart also indicate the marriage possibility, time of the marriage, and nature and life of marriage. In Kundali, time and Dasha are key indicators. But for love marriage, a positive dasha is required for it to happen.

Apart from all these, astrology also helps in learning about the reason for the delay in love or arrange marriage, chances of second marriage or even third marriage, etc. by studying the position of the planets. So, if you are looking for an answer to your question, look for an expert astrologer today for the right answer and solution.

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