Do you Have Love Marriage Possibility in Your Kundli?

Love marriages are common in the current scenario, and there are many people still go for love marriage prediction to know whether the wedding life of the partners would go smooth without any hassles. Our Vedic astrology predicts the possibility of a love marriage exactly.

Kundli and Love Marriage

love marriage kundliMost of the youngsters are unaware of the difference between infatuation and love. So, after attracted by the physical look, they tie the knot in haste and later suffer about their incompatibility. Hence, most of the love marriages end in divorce.

  • If you want to achieve a successful love marriage, the placement of the planets should be considered. The planet Venus should occupy the 11th or 5th house of the native as it reveals the high chances of love marriage. The 5th house represents romance, and the 3rd & 7th houses indicate desires called “Kama.” It symbolizes the powerful desire on sex, intimacy, and marriage.
  • The 11th house symbolizes new relationships. So, if the native has a great 11th house and strong Venus, the combination let the native become friends with the opposite sex. If the 5th house and planet Rahu join, then the native may get many love affairs during his/her lifetime. When this yoga influences the 7th house, then the native may get marry to one of his/her love mates. Navamsa in one’s natal chart plays a vital role in marriage matters.
  • When the planets Venus and Moon associate, then the native will be a romantic person. If the native has this yoga in 7th house in his Janam Kundli, then he/she will have a love marriage.
  • When Mars has a conjunction with the planets Saturn and Venus in a strong position, then the native will have more chances for love marriage. When Saturn and Mars afflict and aspect the Venus, then the native will have a marriage of his own choice. The main consequence of such marriage is society and family will not support the person.
  • The native may involve in multiple affairs or marriages when Venus and Mars conjunct with no benefit aspect. When the combination is nothing to do with Lagna or 10th house, then the native may have chances of losing his social status by his marriage. When the lord of the 7th house is placed in the 1st, 5th or 12th house, then it indicates that the native is going to marry someone who is known to him/her before marriage.
  • When the moon occupies the 5th, 7th or 12th house, it indicates the native will marry a person of his own choice.
  • When the 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 12th place is occupied by the planet Venus, then the native will be pushed towards love affairs, and it may end up in marriage depends on the other planets combination.
  • If Putrakaraka is placed in the 1st, 5th or 7th house, then the native will have more chances of getting married to his opposite-sex friend.
  • When Venus, Moon, Mars, darakaraka or Putrakaraka occupies the native’s upapada lagna, then love marriage is likely to happen.

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How are the planetary positions involved in marriage?

The Kundli of a native predicts whether he is destined to marry or not. Based on the planetary positions, only the marriage happens, whether it is love or arranged. The 7th house and its lord Venus predict the nature and timing of marriage in men, whereas the 7th and 8th houses and their lords Mars predict the nature of marriage for women.

To check whether yours is a love marriage horoscope, there are many types of marriage calculators available online that focus on love marriage, delayed marriage, denied marriage, and promised marriage. It also focuses on the planetary positions that decide the marriage time; the factors pave the path to divorce and separation besides analyzing planetary positions for an unhappy married life. Generally, in such online tools, you will be asked to enter your date of birth, time of birth, and Kundli type. After feeding the details, online reports will be generated. However, seeking an Astrologer consultation is always best before stepping into marriage life.

Venus in a natal chart

Venus is the prime planet for love. Without a proper placement or strong influence of Venus in the natal chart, it is highly difficult to get a loving, lovable partner in life. If Venus is debilitated or combusted, the native’s life will be blank in romance and love though he is a love married person. His marriage will not be long-lasting. When the planets period signify 5th, 8th and 11th houses, love marriages happen. These houses represent falling in love or holding a romantic relationship.

Love marriage in Kundli can be assessed honestly and thoroughly only by an experienced astrologer. If you are in pure love, better meet an astrologer to see your planetary positions and remedies if any to design your life with an abundance of happiness.

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