Astrology Remedies to Get Promotion in Job

In the competitive world, getting a job itself is a treasure that too in COVID season. Many scholars are wasting their time in penny jobs as they do not find suitable jobs based on their qualifications. Choosing the right job at the right time is essential. Okay, after settling down in a job, everyone will forecast their promotion. Though some people have a good experience, a handful of knowledge and other essential aspects still lag in the promotional area. Above the material life and ideas, some astrological essence is necessary to overcome such situations. Here, we discuss some astrological remedies for a job promotion.

job promotion astrology remedies

Vedic Astrology & Job

One’s job and business activities are ruled by the 8th and 10th houses. The 10th house positioned planets to provide lucky results in job promotion whereas the 8th house indicates one’s worldly performance. Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter are closely related to jobs and business. The native’s goal and ambitions are determined by Sun, energy and motivational power are produced by Mars, Intellectual and intelligence are represented by Mercury whereas golden opportunities in business and jobs are provided by Jupiter.

If any one of the above planets is weak or ill-placed, one can see huge troubles in professional life. You may face hectic situations in a job or business if any cruel planet stays at the 10th house and the results will be inauspicious. Malefic planets also pave to delayed promotion. Issues in career, and failures in exams, etc.

A native’s 6th, 10th, 11th, Saturn, and Sun houses should be in a positive state to own a job promotion.

If you have problems in getting promotions, then the following may be the strong reason/s

  • Placement of the Lord of 6th, 10th and 11th houses in 8th and 12th houses of one’s natal chart.
  • Placement of the Lord of Ascendant in 6th, 8th, or 12th houses of one’s natal chart.
  • Presence of malefic planets in the 6th, 10th, and 11th houses
  • Combination of Ketu or Rahu with Sun
  • Combination of Mars with Saturn
  • The aspect of Ketu or Rahu on Sun
  • An aspect of Mars on Saturn

In promotion prediction astrology, a veteran astrologer applies relevant principles to decode the native’s horoscope to derive solutions that specially treat the issues associated with the job and reinforces the planets and houses responsible for fetching promotion in the job.

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The Best Remedies for Job Promotion:

  • If one’s 10th house is weak in the horoscope, performing Navagraha Havan at the residing place will help to eradicate the dreadful effects of both Rahu and Ketu.
  • Navajava Homam help in removing all kinds of Doshas from the native’s horoscope. Doing Abhishek a minimum of once in three months will support you to attain a job promotion.
  • To impress the planet Sun, the native shall offer water at the Sunrise time and chant Gayatri Mantra. It fetches positive vibes at home and enhances relationships at the workplace like with Boss, Colleagues, etc.
  • Chanting Sani Mantra on Saturdays helps in eliminating the malefic effects of Saturn. When pleasing Saturn, he improves communication, gets the native the best job and promotion.
  • Having Vypar Vridhi Yantra is hugely recommended for business and share market people to attain great success.

The native can overcome the obstruction of the following planets by doing as stated:

  • If one’s job promotion is obstructed by the planet Sun, then cows should be fed, and choosing the cows in black or yellow colors increase the credit.
  • If Moon hindrances job promotion, add Ganga water to raw milk, do Abhishek on Shivlinga.
  • When Mercury interferes in job promotion, donate silver jewelry.
  • When the promotion is distracted by Mars, the native should wear a silver bracelet, and respect elderly women.
  • Feed cows with dhal, jaggery to get rid of the effects of Jupiter in job promotion.
  • If Venus intersects promotion, the native should offer respect to others, he/she must touch the mother’s feet before going to work.
  • If Saturn obstructs one’s job promotion, then take a cup of sesame oil, show your face in it and donate to the poor people.
  • Offering boiled rice to cows on Saturdays will please Saturn that rules the professional life of a native.
  • When Rahu pulls down a promotion, ants should be offered with flour and fish can be fed with flour balls.
  • If Ketu affects job promotion, apply oil on the bread and offer it to the black colored dog.

Besides, Astrological remedies, the Feng Shui principles state that the North Direction tends to improve one’s career and personal life. It represents water, black, blue, and purple color. Based on that, placing fountains, different colored fish, water containers, and aquariums in the North direction and painting the north-sided wall with blue, black paint will be highly beneficial in one’s professional life.

On the whole, Astrology remedies from the predictions of professional astrologers will certainly provide good and expected results to the natives. Are you still wavering about your promotion? Please meet out with the best astrological remedies for a job promotion.

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