Is Scorpio a Water Sign? – Scorpio Water or Air?

The individuals born between the dates 23rd October to 21st November are Scorpios by zodiac. The ruling house of this zodiac is the eighth house while the ruling planet is Mars, which is the planet of physical appeal, energy, and action. This is the basic information about the Scorpio zodiac. But do you know which element this zodiac sign belongs to?

Yes, there are four elements that are composed of three zodiacs each. The four elements are the Water sign, Earth sign, Air sign, and Fire sign. But is Scorpio a Water sign? What is the answer to this most-asked question? Through this post, we shall discuss this question in detail. Along with this, we shall also learn about the personality traits of the Scorpio sign. So keep scrolling.

Is Scorpio A Water Sign?

The quick answer to Is a Scorpio a Water sign is YES. Scorpio is one of the Water signs. To your surprise, Scorpio is termed as the leader of the Water signs. This fixed Water sign is popular for being secretive, private, and intense. Scorpios are completely magnetic and generally manage in getting the spotlight. This water sign is most of the time misunderstood as a Fire sign as they are very passionate, but the reality is that they possess too much emotional depth. The intense energy of the Scorpios helps them remain out of the crowd, but the fact is that they carry some concentrated feelings too. And this can only be known when you spend some time with the Scorpios or live with them.

Just as a Scorpio is venomous and poisonous, the Scorpions are also very fierce if anyone hurts them or their feelings. Hence, if you are in a relationship with this zodiac sign, you dare betray them. Again, on the other hand, if you get even a corner in the hearts of this zodiac sign, they are surely going to be loyal to you for the rest of their lives.

Scorpio water sign

Personality Traits of a Scorpio:

When talking about the personality traits of this dangerous Scorpio zodiac sign, characteristics like passion, persistence, strategy, loyal, heroically curious, contemplating, etc. come on the list. If any Scorpio is completely in love with you, all they want is only you no matter who you are, or whatever you think. When it comes to love and relationship, they are very sensual physically. If they love anyone from the depth of their heart, they are sure to protect you, care for you, and pamper you, but make sure you don’t betray them.

Scorpios are individuals who are unaware of words like lack of confidence, recriminations, self-doubt, etc. They are very sharp and ready to face any situation with utmost confidence and intellect. They are very clear about their goals and the different ways to achieve them. With their intelligence, they can create flexible and to-the-point solutions. Their charm is enough to win the hearts of their enemies. For the Scorpios, their day-to-day life is a mission and hence, they prefer to be focused. They always work on their strengths, advantages, and charm which helps them achieve whatever they want. Just observe them working over their goals and you are sure to visualize something interesting.

Scorpios are very curious too. The more anything disturbs them, the more they are going to look into it. Any hidden or unsolved mystery would drive them crazy even if includes danger. They would surely attempt roles or jobs with utmost courage that others wouldn’t even think of attempting.

What makes a Scorpio happy?

The next most searched question after Is a Scorpio a Water sign is what makes this zodiac sign happy. There are various things that keep this dangerous zodiac happy. The first on the list is independence. Scorpions love being independent. They hate when someone tries to control them. They need their personal space and are very particular about that. They value their privacy and hate to talk about their thoughts with anyone. They are secretive naturally and hence, don’t even feel the need to describe things with even the books.

Scorpios are honest and love it when people also be honest with them. They appreciate it when people come directly to them without any shyness or tough discussions. They love open conversations and feel happy when someone trusts them. Next on the list is challenges. Scorpios are always open to different and difficult challenges. Having a daily routine bores them. They have a stubborn nature that refuses them to back down from any kind of challenge.

Hence, next time you come across the question Scorpio Air or Water, you can firmly say that Scorpios truly belong to the Water sign. Not only do they belong to that element but their nature and other likes and dislikes make them a firm Water sign.

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