Is Pisces a Water Sign? – Pisces Water or Air?

Are you born between the dates of 19th February to 20th March? Great, you belong to a zodiac sign which is romantic, compassionate, artistic, sensitive, and intensely empathic. Yes, you are a Pisces. The ruling planet of this zodiac is Neptune, which is also termed the Planet of Dreams, and the ruling house of this zodiac is the twelfth, which is the House of Spirituality. But do you know which element sign you belong to?

Yes, apart from zodiac signs, there are element signs too. Just as there are twelve zodiac signs, there are four element signs namely Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. And each element sign is composed of three zodiac signs. So, what do you think, is Pisces a Water sign or a Fire sign?

Through this article, we shall discuss which element sign Pisces belong to and also explore the personality traits of Pisces as well.

Is Pisces a Water Sign?

Firstly, let’s start with a quick answer to “Is a Pisces a Water sign”. The answer to this is YES. Pisces is the third and final water sign. And as they belong to this element sign, they are creative individuals. The zodiac sign is represented by two fishes swimming in differing directions. This represents a constant division of the attention of Pisces between reality and fantasy.

As Pisces is the last zodiac sign and the final water sign, it has cultured every lesson including fears and hopes, pains and joys, etc. from other zodiac signs. And this makes them compassionate, empathetic, psychic individuals of the zodiac wheel. However, they are very emotional too. They can easily get carried away by emotions. Fishes adore boundless imaginations while Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces represents a celestial body that governs dreams and creativity. Hence, Pisces are creative creatures who live in a world of dreams and imagination. They love to live in the fantasy world and this quality is its essential hallmark.

Pisces is a mutable sign of the water group, hence, they are flexible and ready to move with the flow. They are ready to hear from every direction before coming to any final decision similar to other mutable signs including Sagittarius, Gemini, and Virgo.

Is Pisces a Water Sign

Personality Traits of a Pisces:

After learning whether is a Pisces a Water sign, let’s check on their personality traits. When talking about the personality of Pisces individuals, features like empathetic, mystical, romantic, impressionable, imaginative, pleasure-seeking, etc. come on the list. Pisces is an individual whose company would be enjoyed by everyone. They can prove to be amazing personal therapists. As they are well aware of every phase of life, none of the emotions can shock them. And hence, they can be the best therapists or problem solvers for everyone.

Pisces individuals are interested in mystical and spiritual things. They can easily invoke illusions and distractions around them through their loyal opinions. Pisceans are very romantic. They don’t prefer going on dating sites like Tinder which is popular these days but prefer traditional aged love in a hidden manner. They are happy when in love and don’t prefer anything that would shatter their feelings or illusions. Pisceans are born imaginative and creative. Thus, they would always be carried out by art in any form.

Pisceans are very caring by nature. They are ready to take over any kind of effort for caring about their loved ones, friends, and family members. Again, as they are romantic, they are sure to look after their spouse, fulfill their desires, and provide them with appropriate personal space as well. Due to this, the friends and loved ones of Pisces place them at a high place and value them. They look for opportunities when friends and family members come together and enjoy themselves.

What makes a Pisces happy?

Thinking about what would make Pisceans happy? Well, you don’t need a long list as they can be happy in every single moment of their life. Firstly, as Pisces belong to the Water sign, everything that is related to water would make them happy like fishing, swimming, surfing, sailing, walks on the beach, etc. Pisceans are amazing dancers as well. They possess slinky bodies which means they can easily glide and slide along while performing amazing dance moves.

This might sound surprising, but Pisces individuals are witchy too. They can be multi-talented. Yes, they might read Tarot cards for you, advise you on important decisions, etc. Pisceans are amazing observers and have deep insights for sharing and being lyrical and poetic. Pisces individuals are party animals and thus, they are sure to enter the crowd and grab everyone’s sight while dancing and partying.

So, now that you know Pisces Air or Water, you should also know that apart from Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer are also Water signs.

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