Is It Normal for My Girlfriend to Hit Me? (Reasons to Hit)

Occasional disputes and differences are something every relationship goes through. But when it comes to intentionally harming the partner physically, the other needs to think about it seriously. And today, we shall discuss a widely searched question on the internet, “is it okay for my girlfriend to hit me?” to completely understand whether this behavior is normal or should be considered true. IT’S NOT OKAY!

According to various psychotherapists, there are many reasons why your girlfriend would hit you. If the hitting is merely a light tap, it can be avoided for sure as a part of some joke. But if the hitting leaves a mark and she does it regularly, it should be looked over seriously. One of the reasons is her failure to handle disagreements healthily. This also indicates that she doesn’t respect you as well as your relationship. Secondly, when she hits you, it is essential to discuss the matter, situation, or reason with her. Try to explain to her that hitting isn’t acceptable. And if she isn’t ready to understand, it means she isn’t ready to make changes in herself which can be a strong reason for ending up the relationship. In other situations, you can also take the help of a counsellor or therapist in case you fail to understand what is the reason behind such action and what should be your response to it.

Want to know the various reasons why your girlfriend might be hitting you? Keep scrolling.

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Might Keep Hitting You?!

Why does my girlfriend hit me? Are you also thinking of a genuine answer to this question? Here are some reasons with a brief explanation.

my girlfriend to hit me

She wants to avow her dominance over you

This is true in many cases. Many times girls hit their boyfriends to establish their superiority or power in the relationship. She might be thinking that hitting you would help her assert her power or command over you. According to her mindset, by doing so, the boyfriend would be ready to do whatever she desires by hook or crook.

She is upset and ready to blame you for everything

Another common reason for your girlfriend hitting you is her being upset. There are chances that she is upset and that’s why taking out all the anger on you. She might have had a rough day, work pressure, or even have a personal reason for being upset. And she might have failed in handling the mood swings and anger and is now ready to wrath on you by hitting you. In short, she is removing her anger by hitting you.

She wants your attention

Yes, this is possible too. Your girlfriend might be hitting you to grab all your attention. Many times girls think you aren’t paying the required attention to her. She might be wanting more time from you, failing which she becomes angry and hits you so that you give all your attention to her and only her.

She can be jealous

Surprisingly true. Jealousy can stimulate hitting at times. If your girlfriend is possessive about you or your relationship, she can attempt this action. If she finds you talking with other girls out there on any occasion or in public, she can be jealous and hit you for sure. It’s her jealousy that pushes her to attack you physically.

Having a history of being violent

Does your girlfriend have any history of being violent? If yes, this can also be one of the reasons why she keeps hitting you. If she has ever had violent behaviour in the past, she can be accustomed to doing it again. This can be if she has grown up in a violent environment or had an abusive relationship before. Hence, no matter what the reason may be, having violent behaviour is one of the reasons she is hitting you.

Henceforth, there are many reasons why my girlfriend hits me. It is important to understand the reason behind her this kind of behaviour or action. Again, there are chances there is more than one reason for such action. However, it is important to determine the basic or primary reason for this behaviour. Once you go to the roots of the reason, you can surely work on addressing the issue and bring an end to it soon.

Your girlfriend hitting you can be mystifying and stressful too. Where on the one hand, you might want to defend yourself; on the other hand, you might want to know the reason behind it and find the solution, as violence can never be the solution to any behaviour. Some of the best practices to prevent yourself from such action include avoiding intensifying the situation, maintaining equanimity, talking about the transpired, looking for some professional help like a counsellor or therapist, calling out for the domestic violence helpline or police, etc.

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