What Are the Most Important Vastu Tips?

How can you define an ideal house? It must be well-built, located at a prime location, impressive architecture, beautiful colors, and well-decorated. However, the architecture of the house plays the most crucial part. In India and Vedic astrology, we follow a collection of a few predefined architecture rules to ensure the happiness and prosperity of family members. These rules and norms are known as ‘Vastu Tips.’

Must Follow Vastu Tips

vastu tipsThis ancient science is well-known in all the parts of the country and is highly practiced for a better life. It is tried to follow the 100% Vastu rules during the construction of the house because our house is the place that power packs all our energy. However, it becomes difficult to follow all the rules and regulation of Vastu, and that’s why the architects follow correctional remedial in turn.
A house designed according to Vastu is a guarantee to a blissful life and an escape to many worst scenarios.

We have enlisted a few of the best Vastu tips that will attract positive energy in your house.

1. Main Entrance of Home

Let’s start with the entrance of the house. The first thing that needs to be done is to place the nameplate of your home outside your front door. The nameplate bearing the name of the owner brings positive energies to the owner. Next, you can place a Ganesh idol or a picture of Ganesh at the front entrance wall because it brings prosperity and stimulates positive energy in the house.

2. Lightning diyas

We all are aware of the cosmic power of the fire. Lightning diyas and essence sticks in the morning and evening remove all kind of negative energies from your house. It will have a direct positive effect on your family members.

3. Walls of the House

Decorating the walls of your home can be an obsession for many but make sure never to put a picture related to war scene or uninhibitedness. These kinds of energies break negative energies into the house and create differences between family members. The presence of negative energy can turn petty issues into major ones.

4. Kitchen

The negative energy from the kitchen can directly affect your health. The kitchen should be set up in the Southeast corner of the house, and there should be a significant distance between kitchen and washroom or bedroom. Never store any medicines in the kitchen as they can affect your health adversely.

5. Use Bright Colors

Make sure to choose Southwest direction and bright colors for the bedroom. Bright colors leave a powerful impact on your mood and keep you happy and content. Married people should use a single mattress, and the husband should sleep on the right side of the bed. Never place a mirror in your bedroom.

6. Bathroom Direction

The direction and built of bathrooms are equally important, but it is often ignored. There should be no water leakage in the bathroom as it may result in the loss of wealth and an increase in expenditure of the house. It also results in enhanced health issues. Make sure to choose North or Northwest direction for bathrooms.

7. Working Space

If you want to focus on your work and increase your concentration levels, your study or working desk should be placed in the Wes direction. Choosing the Northeast zone will especially keep you calm and composed. Education and work are directly concerned with your financial status. Bright colors like green and blue will keep your room well lit and make sure to place a clock in the room. Also, there should be no bathroom in the study room.

8. Pooja Room/Madir

The pooja room or Mandir of the house should be located in the northeast corner. Avoid South direction for Mandir and don’t even place idols in that direction. Prefer white or yellow color on the walls of the Mandir.

9. Garden of the House

The garden of the house should be located in the north direction and make sure to place a Tulsi pot there. Avoid growing cactus or thorny plants. Fountains help in bringing wealth. The parking lot should be kept in the south-east direction of the house. The sitting area should be placed in the north direction of the garden.

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Vastu holds utmost importance because a person spends a significant part of his life in his house. A happy home can yield satisfied families and happy lives.

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