Free Kundali Online – Janam Kundali By Date of Birth and Time

The word ‘Kundli’ is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘’kundala’ which means ‘coiled snake’. In the world of Vedic astrology, a kundli is termed to be a horoscope or a birth chart. To be more specific, a kundali is nothing but a graphical representation of the birth details of a person along with all the planetary positions as well as other astrological aspects concerning his life.

Get Your Kundali By Date of Birth and Time


The birth chart or the Kundali of a person is categorized into separate and unique 12 houses where each of the houses depicts a unique sign and planet. It also shows how and in what manner these houses influence the various aspects of an individual’s life for example characteristics, weaknesses, strengths, and more. This is why it is important to know one’s kundalini. However, one can do so by either seeking the help of an astrologer or even online. If one doesn’t have the time to go to a highly qualified astrologer, he or she can also search and get all the details of their kundali online without moving an inch from their home.

An important aspect of Kundali

The most crucial aspect that is needed to be entered correctly while entering details in the Kundali online is the birth details. The important birth details are the place of birth, date of birth as well as time of birth.

In comparison to the place and date, it’s very rare to know the accurate time of the birth but if one wants to get the right Kundali details then it is a must to get all the information right. Therefore, if one doesn’t have accurate details of when they were born, it is advisable to do an online birth time rectification. Now, here’s the catch online birth rectification is something that an accomplished astrologer can only do which is why it is necessary to get in touch with the right astrologer for finding out the exact time of birth.

What are the things that reading a Kundli can help people with?

There are many things that an astrologer will know by reading the kundali of an individual. The following are such things:-

  • Strengths
  • Lucky numbers
  • Lucky day
  • Opportunities
  • Potential bad times in future

Usually, it is said that Janam Kundali is said to be something that tells about all the karmas of the individual in their previous birth and the way the karma has the potential of making its way either in a good or bad way in this birth.

To make the relevant and right predictions related to career, business, married life, children as well as health and wealth, it is essential to create this free janam kundali. The reason behind the necessity of getting an accurate kundali is important so that details about the potential future can be known to work hard to make it even better.

Online Kundali and its Benefits

These days, kundali making is free as there is much online kundali making software that offers the needed services. Talking about benefits, the following are some of the many benefits that one can be benefitted from analyzing his or her kundali:-

  • A kundali will help an astrologer to know everything about the person in the right way.
  • A kundali will help a person know the correct placement of the planets which will further help them in picking a career choice that they can do peaceful.
  • The person will get all the information regarding their career, personality traits, marriage along with rest of the aspects of life.
  • Through a kundali, an individual will also get to know all about their lucky number, lucky colors as well as lucky gemstones.
  • Besides, figuring out about the potential future, a kundali will also help an individual in decreasing the risk of problems in the future.
  • An individual will also get to know if they have Kaal Saro dosh or mangal dosh so that they can tame the problem by doing certain Dosha Nivaran Puja.
  • One can easily tell all their strength and weakness with the help of a kundali.

The free Kundali online software will show all the basic details such as Varna, Lagna, Yoni, and Rasi as well as the Nakshatra-pada that the individual belongs to. Besides this, the individual will get all the information regarding their favorable points, lucky numbers, and all. Along with all the necessary astrological details, the individual will also be informed of all the potential predictions regarding career, nature, health, financial stability, and such.

Houses in Kundali and their Significance

Each house that is there in the Kundali of a person has a certain meaning. The meaning of all the houses are as follows:-

  • First house– The first house in Kundali denoted ‘self’.
  • Second house – This house in Kundali signifies family as well as wealth aspects.
  • Third house – This house is of valour, courage, and siblings.
  • Fourth house – This house denotes the ‘happiness’ and ‘mother’.
  • Fifth house – The fifth house of kundali is of ‘knowledge’ and ‘children’.
  • Sixth house– This house denotes ‘debts’, ‘enemies’ as well as ‘diseases’.
  • Seventh house – The seventh house of kundali is for ‘partnership and ‘marriage’.
  • Eighth house – This house of the kundali is for ‘Ayu Bhava’ as well as ‘longevity’.
  • Ninth house – This ninth house is of ‘father’, ‘luck’, and ‘religion’.
  • Tenth house – This house is for career and profession.
  • Eleventh house – The eleventh house of the Kundali is for ‘income as well as gains’.
  • The twelfth house – This specific house of the Kundali is for ‘expenditure and losses’.


Kundali is also known as a birth chart and it can be generated through the Kundli calculator that this online website has to offer. The result of the janam kundli by date of birth and time will be able to offer the exact positions of the planets that were in the sky at the time of the birth of the individual.

Since the planets are positioned in a specific place, they impart very unique characteristics. Furthermore, the placements of the planets also help in forming. Thus, this is all the information that is there to know about Kundali and how they control certain aspects of an individual’s life. Now that you have all the information about Kundali, you are all set to enter the details and get the entire information about your Kundali.

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