Foreign Travel Prediction According to Vedic Astrology

Most of us wish to go abroad especially for career and a few of us take frequent trips. Working or visiting abroad seems a magnificent dream. However, it is not possible for everyone to achieve their goal and dream. There are certain planetary positions that favor every individual for an abroad plan. We shall see here how foreign travel Vedic astrology predicts one’s dream of stepping in abroad.

While discussing Vedic astrology, Rahu is known to be a “foreign planet”. If a birth chart contains “foreign travel” houses connected with Rahu, it is obvious that the person will travel abroad during Rahu Mahadasa or Antardasa. When Rahu conjuncts with 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th lord, it indicates the native will have foreign travel. Rahu in “Lagna” or in 7th place also will have improved chances of going abroad. A person with Rahu in his 7th place or Lagna will have abundant chances of going abroad.

foreign travel prediction

How the Foreign Settlement Prediction is Forecast Based on Houses?

Some houses such as 9th house, 12th house & Lagna are considered as the main houses that are considered for foreign settlement.

After 9th, 12th house, Lagna is considered as the next key house. Since Lagna represents a native, nothing can be worked out in a horoscope without it. If 12th house is occupied by the Lagna lord, it shows the native will give his fullest effort for moving abroad and settlement.

Besides these houses, the 4th house plays a major role. If the 4th house lord is positioned in 12th house, it indicates the native will definitely settle in foreign. However, if the 4th house lord is sturdy and positioned in 4th house, it indicates there will be a hindrance in foreign settlement or travel.

The Planets Determine Foreign Travel Prediction Are:

Rahu, Ketu, and Moon are considered as three special planets that will conform to your foreign settlement.

  • Moon in 9th House:

When a native’s natal chart contains such a planetary position, he will have short term foreign trip for holidays, enjoyment, and luxury.

  • Rahu in 9th House:

When you ask to predict my foreign travel, it is essential to see the placement of Rahu. If you have Rahu placed in 9th house, you may have spiritual travel with religious ideas.

  • Ketu in 9th House:

9th house Ketu holders will mostly travel abroad for studies and some may fly to know various cultures around the globe.

  • Moon in 12th House:

When a person moves abroad to learn and gain novel things, it indicates that he has Moon in his 12th house. The person travels a lot inside the country too.

  • Rahu in 12th House:

If anyone goes abroad to earn money for improving the standard of life, then you may notice that the person would have gained 12th house Rahu.

  • Ketu in 12th House:

When a native possesses 12th house Ketu, he may find it intricate to abide with the new country and he will have an isolated feeling.

When the lords of 5th, 9th, and 12th houses are associated with Dasamsha, the person might visit abroad professionally. If the 9th or 12th house falls under movable signs, it represents the person may go abroad for higher studies.

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How can one know about foreign travel through his horoscope?

Many yogas help the native to migrate from his own country to a foreign land. The details are given using foreign travel astrology as below:

  • If a connection occurs between the 9th and 11th house, the native has a lot of chances to travel abroad
  • When Ketu afflicts 2nd, 4th, 7th houses, the native has chances to move abroad
  • Saturn makes the native move abroad when there are works in the houses closely related to foreign lands.
  • In the palm, it can be noticed that the formation of an arc between Mercury to Sun. The wider angle shows plethoral opportunities for going abroad.

At present, native’s abroad chances are predicted with foreign travel astrology based on the date of birth. One can find several online tools to check out their fortune for foreign travel using the date of birth.

However, the best times for settling in abroad are said to be when the planets provide results of 3rd, 9th and 12th houses without giving the results of 2nd, 4th, and 11th houses together and they are considered to be active as per the ‘Vimshottari Dasha’ in an individual’s life. And, the planets such as Rahu, Ketu, Saturn increase chances of abroad travel, foreign settlement if and only if they are placed positively in one’s natal chart.

On the whole, when you decide on settling down abroad, always take measures carefully and consult with skilled professionals. They will guide you to acquire potential remedies to attract the necessary planetary support that will simultaneously result in your prosperous settlement in any foreign country of your choice.

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