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Are you looking for a love game? Have you tried the Flames game? Flame is an online calculator, a popular app or tool that is used for determining the relationship nature the two individuals would have. Based on simple algorithms, the game evaluates the compatibility between two individuals through their names. It generates the result or answer in the FLAMES form.So, what is this Flames calculator online? How is the game played? Want to understand all these? Scroll down for all your answers.

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FLAMES – An Introduction:

FLAMES is an online calculator which uses the FLAMES concept for determining the relationship between two individuals. The word FLAMES here describes various relationships. Flames full form is made out of various relationship names in which F stands for Friends, L stands for Lover, A stands for Affection, M stands for Marriage, E stands for Enemy, and S stands for Sister.

The roots of the game are from a 90’s childhood game that was popular not only in India but in many other countries. The game was very simple in which the name of two people was used for an algorithmic calculation for determining the relationship nature among the two. The name of the game was FLAMES which became famous among school and college students. Later, the game found a platform online and is played online today where within a click youngsters can get the answer to their curiosity about relationships.

The love calculator Flames tests the love compatibility between two individuals online. The online test merely needs the name of the partners and the results are on your screen. The calculator reveals the kind of relationship the partners would have. However, it should be noted that the results are not solemn. The game is designed for fun and the results should not be taken seriously.

How does the Flame Calculator work?

Want to learn how to play flames? Let’s check out.

The FLAMES game is played with the names of two individuals. Through a simple algorithm, the relationship between the two names is determined. The process is carried out by eliminating the matching letters from the names and finally counting the letters remaining. The final result is the total number of letters remaining which is then represented by the abbreviation FLAMES.

Here is how you can play the game in brief.

  • In the FLAMES calculator, write the names of the two individuals or partners.
  • Remove all the letters that are matching in the names.
  • Count the numbers remaining after eliminating the matching letters.

Once you count the remaining letters, use the number for determining the result on the basis of the acronym FLAMES. It should also be noted that the calculator isn’t a scientific calculator and should be avoided while taking serious decisions in life. It is merely designed for fun or entertainment purposes and to spark a conversation.

Another way of playing this game is by analyzing the FLAME. Here is how it is played.

  • Write down the names of the individuals on a piece of paper and eliminate the similar letters in both names.
  • Now count the remaining letters.
  • Now write FLAMES on the piece of paper and eliminate the letter at the end of the count of remaining letters.

Continue eliminating the letters from the word FLAMES till one letter is left. The last remaining letter would describe the kind of relationship both individuals would have. This manner of playing the game is called analyzing the FLAME method.

This is the traditional way of playing the game. However, today FLAMES online is the quickest way of playing the game in which all you need to do is enter the names and give click on FLAMES or calculate. The results are ready on your screen with the full form of the abbreviation of any letter from the word FLAMES.

No doubt, FLAMES is a game or tool that is designed for fun and entertainment purposes, it can also include other applications as well. It can be used in social situations in the form of an icebreaker, for sparking conversations and adding some excitement to the gathering, and knowing people in a better way. The game can also be used in schools for teaching students programming and how algorithms work.


To conclude the article, FLAMES is a simple tool used for decades. The game is based on meek algorithms for evaluating the compatibility between two people or names. This game is one of the best time passes for school and college students who want to check their compatibility. Some of the students decide on their friendship on the basis of the results of this game too. So, are you also ready to have some fun playing this exciting game? Include it in your kitty party, or social event to add some spark to your gathering.

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