Face Reading and Astrology Aspects – Learn Samudrik Shastra

When it comes to face reading, the astrology of such kind is also known as Physiognomy and it is considered very useful. As suggested by the name, it greatly helps in finding more about the person and the correspondence personality traits. Furthermore, the inherited characters and the personal nature can also be figured out through face reading. Figuring all about the person is possible just by looking at their face and since every individual on this planet has a different face shape, they possess a different personality.

Face reading: A short introduction

Face reading has existed in the world of astrology for over years ever since Aristotle existed. In terms of astrology, the entire method of breaking the code of fortune and personality can be done by studying the body known as Samudrik Shastra. The study of Samudrik Shastra will help a person in figuring out the personality trait of a person by having a glimpse at the face and limbs.

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Face Reading Techniques – Face Reading Online

The following are a few of the face shapes that determine the personality of an individual;

Facial shapes

Oblong face:- This face is something of a wooden-shaped face. People with oblong faces will have an athletic physique. These kinds of people will be methodical, and practical and they seem to be more hardworking than others.

Round face:- These people are also called water-shaped people. They tend to have fleshy faces. People with round faces will be emotional besides being caring and sensitive.

Square face:- People with square faces are known as metal-shaped faces. In terms of nature, they are analytical, smart, and very decisive in person.

Triangular face:- The people who have triangular faces intend to have a very creative mind. They bear the capability of influencing a major circle and they do this with the wisdom they possess. This is the very reason why they are very artistic.

Face profile

Concave face:- People with facial features belonging to this category will most likely have a significant forehead, small nose, and straight eyebrows. Their mouth is flat and the right chins. Such people are labeled to be someone patient enough and besides this, they seem to judge things in most cases.

Convex face:- Here, the people will have a bit larger nose, tilted forehead, and nose will be of slight curvature along with protruding eyebrows.

Convex-Concave face:- Here, the top face is convex type while the bottom face is concave type. Such people with convex-concave faces are said to have well-dominant personalities.

Concave-Convex face:- Here, the people’s upper face will be concave in shape while the lower will have a convex shape. Such people is tending to be impulsive and weak.

face reading astrology

The Shape of the Forehead & Astrology

Slope forehead:- If you are born with a sloped forehead, astrology gets influenced here in this case as well. It is most likely that you will be labeled among the quick-thinking ones. For instance, if an individual wants to finish his sentence, then the person with a sloped forehead and quick thinking will more likely tend to finish it before that particular individual does.

Straight forehead:- People who have progressive thinking are often born with straight foreheads and thereby they follow a progressive mentality. Since they are people with progressive style, it mainly slows down the speed at which they think.

Curved forehead:- People who have certain curvatures in their forehead indicate that a major portion of their brains are occupied which hence means that they will tend to be smarter.


Unibrow:- People with Unibrow will have a solid persistence and such people may be jealous along with being possessive.

Thick eyebrows:- It denotes that a certain individual has self-confidence along with a strong personality.


Wide eyes:- It denotes that the individual is very open and has a tolerance level and respects authority figures in rare conditions.

Uneven eyes:- Here, the person has different perspectives on things from different angles.

Closet-set eyes:- If people have close-set eyes, people will have good concentration.


  1. If the moth is trout, it merely indicates that the person is communicative.
  2. If the upper lips are thin and the lower lips are fuller then it indicates that the individual will be unable to reciprocate in the right manner in a healthy relationship.
  3. A person with upward curved lips indicates that he or she is very optimistic.


Thus face reading truly helps in learning for instance future, character, fate as well as fortune. In the world of face reading, online initiation can be done to know about people’s personalities. It applies to multiple occasions for example job interviews, blind dates, business negotiations, and more. Although face reading or physiognomy helps in great ways, this study is quite difficult when it comes to mastering the skill. So, if you want to master this skill, you need to make sure that you give all your heart and soul to it.

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